How to straighten hair at home without damaging it

Owners frizzy or curly hair, wishing to have their locks became smooth and docile, often ask: "How perfectly straighten your hair?"Problematic not only the final result, which may be imperfect.Expensive salon treatments not everyone can afford, and a variety of chemicals can severely damage the health of the hair.But how to straighten hair at home, so that hair looked perfect in the end, as money and health remained intact?We will tell you some interesting ways.

Classic and immediately comes to mind is the method - using a straightening or curling ironing.Surely you know how to straighten hair utjuzhkom: the device should be carried out from the roots to the tips, not lingering long in one area (otherwise you run the risk of burning hair).This method has a major drawback - and curling iron is the frequent use of the port structure of the hair and make them brittle and dry.To strongly not to harm the hair, you should look at other options.

useful to know how to straighten hair at home using a hair d

ryer.This method is not as bad as the previous one, and the skillful application gives no worse result.First of all, the newly washed and still wet hair should apply a means for laying.Then the hair is to be divided into individual strands, each of which is necessary to pull a comb, while blowing air from the dryer.Each strand must be completely dry so.The obvious drawback is that this procedure takes too much time, and it will not resort every day.

come to you for help may not only modern technology.How to straighten hair at home with the help of available national resources, which may not be as effective, but it is completely safe?Owners of dry hair can be used for this purpose olive, castor or burdock oil.Dosing is very simple: the agent must be applied to wet hair, comb them and wait for the complete drying.Unfortunately, because of the oil may look dirty hair, especially if you are not the recommended type of hair.Frequent shampooing is also harmful, so consider a few more recipes.

Tea mixture good for normal and dry hair.In one glass of hot, freshly brewed tea should be added to one teaspoon of sugar and mix thoroughly.The correct proportion is very important to hair as a result did not seem greasy.The resulting tool is similar to the previous method should be applied to wet hair.If you did everything correctly, the result may persist for several days.

How to straighten hair at home, if it relates to fatty type?In this case it is necessary to produce a solution, mixing apple vinegar with carbonated water in a 1: 1 ratio.Further, all to be done in the same way as in the above situations: the mixture to the hair, to comb them to dry naturally.