Polish, Chinese, Navajo or Hungarian?

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There is a myth that the Russian language - one of the toughest in the world.However, to write a brief summary about yourself in English, you will need a couple of months of training, but if you repeat this trick with the Polish and Hungarian, they have almost a year to develop.So what is the most difficult language in the world?Today we remember the 10 most difficult of all.

most difficult languages ​​in the world: Rating

We have compiled a list of 10 to 1, with 10 th place - this is the easiest of the complex, and the 1st place belongs to the heaviest in the study of language.

Here is the list descending Icelandic, Polish, Basque, Estonian, Navajo, Japanese, Hungarian, Tuyuk, Arabic, Chinese.Today we tell you about three of them.

most difficult language in the world, 10th

the simplest of complex languages ​​appeared Icelandic, where words have survived from ancient times.At least in Europe, no one uses them not.

This language is impossible to learn the ropes without communicating with native speakers, since transcription can not convey the sounds that use the Icelanders.

to you was quite clear about what it is we're writing, just try to say the word: Eyjafjallajökull.So he called one of the volcanoes in Iceland.Do you want to learn this language?

most difficult language in the world, 5th

In fifth place in our ranking is Japanese.It is said that you can learn how to read Japanese characters, but this is not quite enough to start to speak it.Moreover, even writing in Japan uneasy.

There are three kinds of it: the characters, Katakana and Hiragana.And even in the manner of the Japanese excelled - write from right to left, in a column.Particularly unlucky local students, because in order to get a diploma of higher education, you need to know 15,000 characters.

most difficult language in the world: 1st place

the first place on the complexity of law is Chinese, but this did not prevent him to be the most widespread on the planet.

This language contains 87,000 characters, although you can communicate knowing only 800, and read the newspaper received from someone who owns a 3000 characters.

The problem is that the Chinese language there are more than 10 dialects, and can be written in the column and horizontally, as Europeans.

Today you learned about the most difficult languages ​​in the world, the list of which would be incomplete without some Slavic dialects.Unfortunately or fortunately, such was not Russian, and Polish.It turns out that his grammar is not so much the rules as the exceptions to them.

most complex language of the Slavic peoples - Polish

Our advice is willing to learn the ropes Poland: start with a simple spoken language, and only when mastered it, you can understand the logic of grammar.For example, in this language there are 7 of cases, and understand how they are used, you can only practice.

alphabet consists of 32 letters, but many of them are spoken in two or three options, differently.Particularly interesting is when the letter "L" Poles are pronounced "in."

therefore particularly trying to keep you from trying to understand the Polish only familiar words.In this country, our Russian words can have a totally different meaning.

If you do not want to wrestle with complex languages, study the European.It is said that the brain is much better developed polyglots that their thinking and the ability to more perfect, but the main thing - not to go crazy until teach foreign words and the pronunciation.

Start with the English, and then, perhaps, to get Chinese.