Famous and well-known people of England.

Any country, as you know, is famous, above all, no minerals, rich deposits of gold and diamonds, and its inhabitants."Who is the most famous people of Britain?"- You ask.With regard to this country, it has made an enormous contribution to the treasury of world culture, history, economy, politics and other spheres of social life.Therefore, the list is quite extensive.

held annually on the results of the survey tradition in the country, a special list, which includes most famous people of England.It includes only the most worthy of them, have made the greatest contribution to the development of this country.So who are they, the great and famous people of England?In this article, we offer to your attention a few of them.

Sir Cliff Richard

Let's start talking about the most famous people of the country of Albion person, unknown to most of our fellow citizens.Just like other famous people in England, in particular, his colleague Paul McCartney before his name Cliff Richard wears the title "Sir".These two distinguished people have shared a rock 'n' roll roots.

Cliff in the late 50-ies, instantly became the king of rock 'n' roll and a plurality of the British teen idol.As a part of the great group The Shadows, accompanying musicians, he reached the pinnacle of his career.While a group of Cliff Richard put on a par with the US The Ventures, noting their great contribution to the popularization of rock 'n' roll.By the mid-60s thank Richard seemed knows no limits.Many famous people of England came to his concerts.


however emerged a new fashion for a long time away and drove a great musician from the top of the charts.Only in 1976, he managed to take revenge of his song "Devil Woman", which became his first hit in America.In the 80s Cliff Richard's career continued successfully, he has managed to stay afloat in the 90s and into the new millennium with a name already entered legend.

In the UK this artist put on a par with "The Beatles".In the world of today it has already sold over 250 million albums this artist.He became the king of the British charts, occupying first place 25 times in it.

Charles Darwin

to the list of "Famous British" Add and Charles Darwin, who needs no introduction.He is known around the world as a great naturalist, creator of the famous book "The Origin of Species", the founder of the hypothesis that the human race is descended from monkeys.

Charles Darwin scientific proof of the idea that in the course of evolution occurs over the centuries and millennia, evolved not only a man but all living organisms.And all of them have common ancestors.Scientists are still arguing about whether to consider this theory credible.Famous and well-known people of Great Britain and other countries expressed and debate about it, but have not reached a consensus.

main driving force, which is made through a process that is believed Charles Darwin - a natural selection.In his brilliant scientist assumptions relied on artificial selection, which has received considerable development in the agricultural sector in the UK in the late 19th century, ie during the life of a researcher.

his hypotheses and ideas became a solid foundation of modern biology, there is a whole doctrine based on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural selection, called Darwinism.Many famous British and representatives of other countries are its followers are called Darwinians.

David Beckham

list of "Famous People of England" includes David Beckham.The team "Manchester United", he won worldwide fame.David's parents were simple people.His father worked as a collector of furniture and earned coach of the local team, the mother was a hairdresser.They are sick of "Manchester United" and attended all the games of this team, which took place at the home field.

Therefore, we can say that fate itself prepared Beckham the chance to become famous, and he took advantage of it by visiting the training club "Barcelona", and at age 14 signed a contract with the beloved "Manchester United".For the first time a footballer attracted attention when scoring the decisive goal in the team "Crystal Palace", which allowed the club to take a favorite of Britain Youth Cup in 1992.

Since that time, David Beckham was invited to play in different teams, which played the most famous people in the world of football in England.So, he worked at the club "Real Madrid", "Milan", "Paris Saint-Germain," and other strong and well-known compositions.Despite the fact that he was at this time have ended his career, David continues to be the record for appearances in the national team of Great Britain, of which he was captain for six years.

With attractive appearance, David Beckham has also been recognized in 2011, the highest paid player in football, and now his name is a world trade brand.

Footballer married Victoria Adams, famous singer of the group "Spice Girls".These famous people in England today is very well known in the fashion world.At the moment, a father of three sons and a daughter.

Diana Welsh

"Famous People of England", the list of which is extensive, and include the name of the princess, known throughout the world as Lady Di, who also needs no introduction.Its popularity, excessive attention and paparazzi have become fatal for the woman.World fame she has received thanks to the innovative approaches to the solution of many social problems, which is not the representative of a conservative family, which were the Windsors.

Pedigree princess goes back to the ancient dynasty of the Spencer-Churchill.In 1981 she married a British Prince Charles and lived with him for 15 years of marriage, having given birth to two sons, William and Harry.The last five years of the life of the spouses were very difficult.

first Charles, then a year later and Diane publicly stated to journalists about his infidelity.Prince became the mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles, the woman whose candidacy was rejected the prince's family a long time ago, in the 70s.Camilla later, in 2005, still became the new wife of Charles.Bilateral betrayal eventually led to divorce in 1996, which is particularly insisted Elizabeth II, Queen of England.

A year after the divorce, Diana was broken in a car accident in Paris.Then, in 1997, it was dedicated to a remake of the song "Candle in the Wind" of Elton John, earlier, in 1973, dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.

In 2007 this hit became the biggest selling single in the world.In addition to music, the name of the great Lady Di was immortalized in film and literature, and in 2002 the people recognized her third of the hundred greatest people in the UK.Not only ordinary citizens, but also many famous people of Britain and other countries were inspired by her example.

Charlie Chaplin

Thank Charlie Chaplin was also very high.His talent is the representative of London inherited from parents, working artists in the music hall.Best known for his image of the tramp Charlie.Actively acting in short comedies, combine buffoonery and mime, he reached the peak of fame.At the time, namely in 1910, these were the most popular comedy genre of silent film.

mature period of creativity

Then, in the next decade, Charlie Chaplin in his work began to address serious social problems, being both a producer, director, writer and composer.But the early image of extravagant bums remembered residents of the UK and the world the most.At the end of this decade, Charlie Chaplin moved to the US, where, along with three other artists founded the United Artists ".

this great man started his career at the age of only 13 years old when he first came on the scene the music hall, and over 75years actively worked almost to death. At the turn of the millennium the inhabitants of Great Britain named him a tenth of a hundred great stars of world cinema.

of genius comedian devoted many books about it removed more than a dozen different films, feature films and documentaries. The name Charlie Chaplin became a household word,which indicates the huge popularity, which is not reduced so far.

James Cook

supplement the list of "Famous People of England" brave navigator, James Cook, a truly glorified their country. Since Vladimir Vysotsky it pursues the wrong stamp ofthat he had been eaten by cannibals. In fact, a great captain fell in battle with the Hawaiians, is famous for its thieving antics of his ship owned property.At the time he made the third circumnavigation.

James was very brave and glorious was their way of life from the cabin boy collier company "Hercules" to the world-famous sailor.At the place where he was immediately spear Hawaiians, is now built their own descendants of a monument in recognition of the great achievements of the researchers.

legacy of the great navigator

as Heritage James Cook left a lot of carefully drawn maps for a long time served as guiding landmarks for posterity.

Although the navigator had to be away from home for a long time in a long expedition, Cook was married and had six children.Back in the office cabin boy, he showed a tendency to study marine affairs comes to fanaticism.James Cook craved knowledge, and it caused him to go further and further in their voyages.

Captain belongs to the opening for the treatment of scurvy, a terrible disease, is carried away while the lives of many sailors.James Cook was famous for its tolerance in relations with the natives, and friendly to him.

Later, in our time, in honor of the ship "Endeavour", the first ship, whose commander was Cook named the spacecraft on which four American troops landed on the moon.Together with Ivan Kruzenshtern and Francois de La Perouse this Englishman is the greatest sailor in the world.

William Shakespeare

this writer simply can not be avoided, creating an article entitled "Famous People of Great Britain."He has written a truly immortal literary masterpieces, which to this day are put on the stages of theaters in the world.

Each of us is familiar with the famous dictum "To be or not to be?".This author has created an impressive and significant legacy of tragedy, comedy, chronicles, poems, and three epitaphs.The most popular and beloved of his creations is the "Romeo and Juliet".It is known as the history of Hamlet, King Lear, Othello and Macbeth.

doubt the identity of the author

The Shakespeare are legendary, sometimes say that it was not one person but a pseudonym, behind which a group of writers.This was due to the fact that history has left us with information about how the education received by the author.However, the vocabulary of William Shakespeare is about 30 thousand words!

In addition, the work of this man reveals his deep knowledge of history and literature.Another reason for doubt is that it did not reach us, none of his manuscripts.Claimed and orientation of the great playwright and poet.

Some researchers believe that the reason for this opinion are the sonnets of William Shakespeare, allegedly wearing autobiographical.However, despite all the rumors, William Shakespeare (or other famous people of Britain under his pen name - this issue is still not resolved) is a classic of English literature.He died in the early 17th century, but his works are still alive.