The investment program - a financial source for the construction of hospitals and schools

federal investment programs - a document which establishes the allocation of budgetary funds provided by applicable law for the implementation of certain investment projects of construction and technical re-equipment and reconstruction of capital construction with the implementation of the various investments in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Destinations investments

1. Construction sites, which is planned for the reconstruction with the assistance budget.

2. Other purchased for the needs of some of the bodies of executive power.The investment program covers housing, which is purchased in accordance with the Russian legislation.

3. Events presented in the form of aggregated investment projects, which include construction, modernization and reconstruction of the building, as well as the acquisition of certain properties to the implementation of other capital investments.

regulation of the investment programs

Targeted investment program at the federal level is responsible for the distribution of funds in accordance with the relevant legislation (Law on the Federal Budget) on specific actions that need to attract these investments.It can be as construction projects or real estate, and other activities (eg, in the form of enlarged investment projects).

As mentioned above, the state regulation of the investment programs carried adopted federal law governing the formation of the federal budget for each fiscal year.

investment program: particularly its financing

composition of the investment programs of federal importance is constantly changing.So recently (since 2011) in their composition includes, in addition to property objects of state importance, as well as ownership of business entities (such as legal persons), and even the objects of capital construction of municipal property of subjects of the Russian Federation.A prerequisite of such investments is the availability of co-financing the construction work by providing grants (allocations) from the federal budget.

annual investment program provides for the allocation of funds for the reconstruction byuzhetnyh, construction, acquisition of various objects, as well as their technical upgrading (an average of 900 billion. Rubles).This zastarevanie strategically important for the state of objects requires more funding each year.For comparison: in 2010 it was sent to federal funds in the amount of 764 billion. Rub., In 2011 - already 895 billion. Rubles., 2013 - 953 billion. Rub.

However, the presence of the Russian federal budget surplus in 2011 has allowed in 2012 to allocate the maximum amount of appropriations for the development of investment projects - 1.063 trillion. Rub.

control the conduct of investment programs

What is the investment program?It understands interested in government subsidies ministries and departments.However, the state put forward certain demands that require immediate implementation:

- implementation of competitive procedures in an expeditious manner;

- control of target use of funds from the budget;

- timely adjustment (if necessary) are already functioning programs and the relevant decisions on the allocation of budget investments in investment programs (especially the amount of financing);

- strict implementation of the terms of documentation on the design of objects;

- study of issues to prioritize the expenditure part in the activities of investment programs in the adoption of laws on the federal budget.

value of investment programs for the Russian economy

federal investment program contributes to the commissioning of the important objects of the Russian Federation.

Thus, considering the performance of the federal budget in 2013, one can see that with the release of additional budget funds have been made in various areas of public life following results:

- completed clinical high-tech in Moscow, known as "Scientific Center of Children's Health"and to finish the building of the Orenburg State Medical Academy;

- education: commissioned corps of the "National Research University" in Obninsk (Kaluga region), as well as completed and ennobled campus in the city of Rostov-on-Don (Southern Federal University).

and similar objects can be listed for a long time.Therefore, we can say with confidence (and without exaggeration) that the investment program allows federal erect or reconstruct objects in those areas, which are on partial or full state support.