How to arrange the furniture in the room

Interior - is a word commonly used by designers, in relation to the lives of ordinary people who have no relationship to the creative professions, primarily, represents warmth and harmony, to be borne by the situation of the apartment.But, if your living space does not have a large size and you are the owner of a one-room flats, and there can not do without the advice of experts.For ways to arrange the furniture in the room, there are many.This article and tells.

How to arrange the furniture in a small room

The furniture arrangement can be guided by the advice of designers, traditions and beliefs of the East.So, if you're a fan of feng shui, your house must obey the rules of the most convenient placement of objects in space, to allow the passage of qi energy.Be sure to choose furniture without sharp edges and legs.For feng shui, it is important that the object does not clutter the space, so the room was a sense of freedom and fresh air.Therefore, Feng Shui welcomes the arrangement of furniture along the walls, as well as its built-in options.Now you know the general rules of how to arrange the furniture in the room, according to feng shui.

sometimes resort to tricks of the interior design is necessary because of the very unsuccessful plan apartments.But with a simple rearrangement can be converted to a small room in a very convenient.Before you arrange the furniture in the narrow room, prepare the wall paint or wallpaper, the curtains on the darker tone of the selected wallpaper screens.For a small room, which is expected to make a visually more spacious, better to choose light colors design.In particular, paint to cover the walls and wallpaper.If the end side of the room to paste wallpaper or paint a bright color, more intense than on the longitudinal walls of the room will appear square.In the window in the front wall to hang blinds or curtains of bright colors.In a narrow room should not be small items.On the contrary, it would be better to decorate it with large things, for example, such as a floor lamp or a plant in a large vase.For a small room suitable for such furniture as transformers, color slightly darker than the walls.The basic furniture is better to host the end wall of the room.The front door to replace the beautiful arch or a sliding door.

How to arrange the furniture in a studio apartment

Sometimes the question "how to arrange the furniture in the room, so it all fits," baffled inhabitants malosemeek and small apartments.In fact, nothing is impossible.If the room is small, the lack of space dictates choose things high.For example, a case must be purchased up to the ceiling.Instead of a sofa bed suitable notebook.It is more compact and saves a little space.Computer table must be narrow, with a plurality of shelves, seeking height.To accommodate the small things, you can hang on the walls of the beautiful shelves.Select the TV is plasma or LCD.It can be placed on a wall to save space.

It should consider all the details of how to arrange the furniture in a studio apartment, to provide comfort and convenience of the home.With furniture entire area it can be divided into several zones.For example, part of the premises will take a sofa and TV, creating a recreation area.Better to put the bed back to the rest room to have a rest there is a feeling of seclusion.The cabinet can serve as the boundary separating the room.Behind him well to arrange a table, chairs and armchairs.It is necessary to consider the location of windows and light.So, it is necessary to put the sofa by the window, and set the TV in a dark corner.

some knowledge of the interior, gleaned in this article tell you how to arrange the furniture in the room, so it was functional and comfortable that will help you arrange your home and awaken an interest in design.