Windose blocked.

Vindovs - a system by which a computer works.It sounds simple for the user, so that was understandable.When you turn on the computer, the system is loaded, and when it is loaded, you can start working.But there are situations where the system will not boot.

blocked windose what to do?This can occur at different stages.The first stage is when a window will appear, with any errors.This often happens due to improper shutdown of the computer or abrupt discontinuation of supply.This failure can be eliminated only reinstalling your operating system.If the system fails to boot menu where you select a user, perhaps you have forgotten your password or you have a virus.Recently, a special virus, it does not start the computer and write the message.They offer you "throw" at the expense of money and promise to provide clues to help.It's all a lie.Throws does not cost anything, it is necessary to reinstall windose.If the error is determined at the beginning and you are provided a choice of downloads, then, of course, choose Last Known Good session.Whatever the cause of this often helps a simple reinstallation of windows, because the operating system has the ability to clog, and this too is a problem at startup.

blocked windose what to do if it happened because of a virus?Reinstall windows, and then, of course, for you to establish a good antivirus and scan the entire contents of your computer.Typically, these viruses spread through the Internet.If there is a connection to the Internet, it is best to scan all the ports that can be vulnerable.Also to be constantly updated antivirus.

blocked windose what to do in case of failure?Reinstall the operating system, and use it correctly.Or buy an uninterruptible power supply.This is the case when problems due to electricity.But there may be common fail.You should check the performance of your computer in Safe Mode.To do this, you can enter the name of the administrator.If ways too it is impossible to log in, you can take a clean and safe to reinstall the operating system on top of your broken.

blocked windose what to do for some other reason?Reinstall it or seek professional help.Most errors can occur because of the installed programs with which the conflict have windows.Come and remove them from the "Administrator" may be the solution to this problem.

How many times can reinstall windows?How many you want, because it is a software product.Vindovs as any program can be reset any number of times.Of course, if you reinstall, you need to restore all of the program, which is very inconvenient.Therefore, frequent re-installation is also not recommended.For example, Windows SP3, usually runs up to one year in normal mode.If the operating system is used every day, the rearrangement of the work programs or files it may clog.

lock the computer what to do?It is necessary to find out the reason.If it is systemic, it can usually help to reinstall the operating system.If the cause of the hardware, it is possible to check the computer is at the service center.If the reason - the wrong password, you can either reinstall the system or go under the "Administrator" and change your password.If the password is on the BIOS, then harder, you need to pull the battery out of the BIOS and the password "reset."

computer can not work without an operating can install any operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, but remember that behind them will also be necessary to monitor and occasionally reinstall.Stable operation of the system can at times improve the performance of your PC in general.