Moskvoretsky market: site address, hours of operation

market is a kind of a person of any city - big and small.There is always a kind of special atmosphere of human communication.Each market is the level of relations that exist between the farmer, the manufacturer or the owner and the purchaser.

basic concept in the operation of the market is to create maximum comfort and safety conditions for tenants and visitors.

This metropolis like Moscow, has on its territory a sufficient number of the most varied markets.Many of them are offered food, clothing, household goods of all directions: from electronics and finishing construction materials.

Moskvoretsky market

He is one of the most popular among Muscovites.Here you can buy not only building materials, but also products.Unlike many other urban markets in its halls you can find almost everything.It may be news of the world of building materials, including the most rare, and food brought by private entrepreneurs who sell them at very low prices.


Moskvoretsky market is one of the old residents of the capital.It was built in 1965, in the days of the Soviet Union.Then this place was a small vegetable market, which is well remembered by many pensioners who live nearby.

But today, the lion's share of the territory occupied by Moskvoretsky market was given to the building materials.Vegetable series also still exist, although they are only one-third of all the pavilions.Judging by the reviews of regulars, the prices are surprisingly low.In addition, the beautifully laid out in neat rows of vegetables and fruits and beckon his heavenly scents.Gifts of gardens and orchards where you can buy throughout the year, both in winter and summer.And some prices are much lower than in hypermarkets or in other markets of the capital.Many people specially come here to buy fresh meat imported every day, as well as many other foods, which is famous for Moskvoretsky market.


Convenient location - the intersection of Simferopol Boulevard and Bolotnikovskaya streets, open space in the sales rooms, friendly atmosphere, and most importantly - convenient prices make this place not only popular among the residents of the south-west of Moscow, but also attractive foranyone who has ever been in its territory in the search for the right product or building material.Many who are convenient for trade and shopping Moskvoretsky market, the official website will tell you how to get there.His address is:

Next to it is a few subway stations: "Warsaw", "Kakhovka", "Nakhimovsky prospect" and "Kaluga".Directions to the market is quite simple.It is convenient to get to, not only in their own car, but also by public transport.Located Moskvoretsky market whose address - Moscow, Simferopol Blvd., Building 11/70, right next to the bus stop and taxi.

remote from metro stations by an average of six hundred meters Moskvoretsky market (how to get to it, know many Muscovites) has a convenient parking for cars.Immerse the purchased goods in the car comfortably, thanks to the shopping trolley.

by public transport market can be reached by bus number 651, № 8 and number 52 trolleybus and tram number 1 - to stop "Moskvoretsky market."


This is one of the oldest bazaars of the capital, Muscovites pleasing more than half a century, working all week with no days off.It opens and closes eight o'clock in twenty hours.This mode is useful Moskvoretsky market not only customers, especially working, but also tenants, particularly farmers, who need to go home, to return the next day with fresh food, fruits and vegetables.


main priority Moskvoretsky market is the sale of construction materials, the most scarce and rare species that come here to buy, even from neighboring towns.In the pavilions brisk trade is not stopped until the end of the working day.Everywhere you can hear negotiate prices.In the final analysis, the trader and the buyer agree on the best option for both.This is not surprising, because in the tradition of any market bargaining is not only appropriate but also necessary.

motto of Moskvoretsky market are two concepts - the two main requirements for the products sold.It's proven quality and maximum affordability.

Anyone who is interested in trading success, support this approach.Similar rules for trade and compulsory quality control must be perfectly executed as private farmers and large enterprises.

assortment of building materials

Moskvoretsky construction market does not offer products that have a large size.But here you can buy everything you need for repair and construction, a variety of finishing materials.In the vast range of tools presented in the pavilions and economic products.

Many Muscovites come here to buy everything you need, not only for your home, but also for the cottages, including furniture, garden tools and so on. D.

Mistress can buy here at wholesale prices and household chemicalsother assortment presented at hardware stores.

construction sector Moskvoretsky market fully maintain the special flavor of the market atmosphere, when even at relatively inexpensive prices, the buyer can afford to bargain.


of farm products on the market Moskvoretsky bring not only from Moscow but also from Voronezh and Lipetsk, Tambov and Belgorod, Vladimir, Volgograd and other regions.Here you can buy products from Belarus or Ukraine.In the pavilions presented and good products for the major domestic manufacturers, such as "Vegus", "Miratorg" and so on. D.

where you can buy a rustic, organic dairy products, meat from private farms, which contain their pets onlynatural feed, as well as a large range of fish delicacies - caviar, salted and smoked fish, and so on. d.

Many people prefer to buy at mall this market not only fresh meat, but bread, fruit or vegetables, and other foods,and at very affordable prices.


Not everyone knows that the market trades Moskvoretsky and furniture.And although his key areas of - construction, however, here buyers can choose for your home or garden of a large variety of cuisine, soft corners, closets.In the halls you can buy furniture tables and chairs, shelves, puffs, etc... In addition, you can choose and order your favorite products in the catalog, which will make as soon as possible on the furniture factories in and around Moscow.

Additional services

Moskvoretsky market - this is a great opportunity not only to choose and buy a variety of goods at affordable prices, but also to find entrepreneurs who perform construction and repair work.Knowing scheme whereby working Moskvoretsky market, hours of operation, does not present difficulties to find experienced specialists.Usually representatives of construction or repair teams can be found at the entrance, near the tram stop.

addition to trade pavilions, visitors to the hotel - lavashnye shops, fast-food chain, as well as a cafe, where you can at a relatively low price snack and a cup of coffee.These institutions do not operate during the hours when the market is closed Moskvoretsky.


all living in the vicinity of Simferopol Boulevard several times a week visit for shopping Moskvoretsky market.Judging by the reviews, this is not only a great selection of products and different prices, but there is also the opportunity to bargain.Some people are a little unhappy with the narrow shopping streets and a large number of customers, but the latter is just another proof of the great popularity of this market.

How fast did not pass to the development of Moscow, in each of its areas, there are certain key locations that provide the livelihoods of residents in a given neighborhood people.And one of them is Moskvoretsky market.Especially that part grocery appeared long before the time when today began to form already familiar to all "market" relations.

old- Moskvoretsky market unanimously testify that it is very convenient to buy and building materials and sanitary ware, and home appliances, and food.All in one place.Judging by the numerous positive reviews on the Moskva market easily underbid because often behind the counter is no middleman, and the owner of the goods.

For many Muscovites, who one and all came to the defense of his favorite market that threatens the fate of close, like shopping area very much needed capital.They are an excellent alternative to large supermarkets and shops, where everything is for sale at an inflated price.

As many regulars Moskvoretsky market, their friends from nearby areas also constantly come here to be able to buy cheap vegetables and fruits.Especially popular products product pavilions are milk and cheese, followed by sometimes a queue.Many housewives in the market to buy fresh meat.And many of those who have long come to trade pavilions even know the names of the sellers and make them orders.