"Auchan" (Kiev): the price.

French hypermarket chain "Auchan" has long come to the Ukrainian market and has managed to win the trust of customers.Hallmark stores all of the network are low prices.This is obtained by the fact that the company does not spend money on advertising, preferring to give its customers products at the most affordable cost.In some towns you will find shops, "Auchan"?Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Lvov, Krivoy Rog and Zaporozhye have such pride in supermarkets.We hope the network will expand.

store "Auchan" in Kiev is represented by six hypermarkets, each of which buyers find everything you need for a comfortable life, from food to furniture and computers.

Another advantage of the network "Auchan" is the staff, who will always help the customer find the right product or get information about it.Given that the area of ​​one store can be 15 thousand square meters, which, for example, has a supermarket "Auchan" in Kiev, on Borshchagovka, such assistance is a must.

Comfort begins before the entrance to the "Auchan"

What do you mean?For the convenience of buyers the most convenient parking near each store "Auchan".Kiev - a city with heavy traffic, and the possibility to leave their cars in the short distance of shopping places makes the whole process a lot more comfortable.For all other customers the company provides free buses, which cover almost the entire city.They run regularly at intervals of 30 minutes.

products presented in the shops, bought both local producers and foreign.Much attention is paid to quality control of goods and freshness of all the products, regardless of the country of the manufacturer - be it potatoes from Kherson region or fish from the Baltic region.

The prices of all products are kept in the most favorable position, compared to other supermarkets in Kiev.For example, pink potatoes worth 2.79 USD, pink tomatoes - 19.99 USD, and Ukrainian bread - 6.48 UAH.

Also every supermarket "Auchan" in Kiev has its own bakery, so the bread and pastries are always fresh.

No time to cook?

In today's world the most important deficit - this time.Jobs, Business in general, making money takes a lot of time and effort, and cooking has neither the one nor the other.The younger generation just is not used to cook and prefers to spend his spare time anywhere, not just at the stove.

For those who value their time or just do not like to cook, there is a wide range of ready meals from their own cooking "Auchan".Prices here are a pleasant surprise.Also, in every supermarket there is a cafe where you can quickly get a snack or a cup of coffee.After all, for purchasing power is also needed.

Additional benefits

All stores are regularly held shares on the various groups of goods.This allows customers to pay even less when buying your favorite products and goods.Each visitor hypermarkets can get nice benefits of action "Auchan".Kiev - an expensive city, so such offers are an added bonus for regular customers.

to pay even less for the same quality of products is simply to be aware of all the shares, which holds the "Auchan".Kiev - a great city, but try to find time to go to the store and learn about special offers.Consultants prompt you of upcoming events, and you can plan your shopping for yourself the most profitable way.

All for your convenience

inner space of stores planned so that visitors can feel as comfortable as possible while shopping.In addition to the cafes and restaurants, there are comfortable benches, the ability to charge the phone and a laptop, use the free Wi-Fi.Visitors who come with their children, are free to use the playground.And for very young buyers the room mother and child.

administration hypermarkets regularly holds themed entertainment events, which are attended by all interested persons.These actions are often aimed at the support and development of children.Events are held in the format of workshops, exhibitions and shows.

All visitors to the store "Auchan" can take part in these activities with their children.They invited professional animators and artists to the participants left the most positive impressions.The administration of each store suits their own show programs or workshops that do not coincide with each other.


sevice each hypermarket "Auchan" allow you to place under one roof a variety of other shops and entertainment venues.Along the banks usually is a gallery of shops, cafes and restaurants.Here you can enjoy a coffee or order sushi, but you can find an exquisite gift for a loved one.

Entire shopping streets offer a category of products that are underrepresented in the "Auchan": clothes, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes, accessories, dishes and souvenirs, computers and electronics.There is a wide variety of global brands for customers of any income level.Visitors have the opportunity to buy everything at once.

And there are: pharmacy, toilets, shoe repair, terminals for electronic payments, bank, currency exchange.In general, all that may be needed for an extended stay and shopping.

Before you go shopping, check the working hours of the nearest store to you, because they are different.Below are the addresses and opening hours of shops "Auchan" (Kiev).

Shops "Auchan" in Kiev

Moskovsky Prospect, 15a
(044) 585-95-35, 585-95-36 - fax
Mon-Sun 08: 00-23: 00

Gorky Street.(Antonovich), 176
(SEC "Ocean Plaza")
(044) 393-00-92
Mon-Sun 08: 00-23: 00

General Vatutin Prospect, 2
(SEC Skymall)
(044) 393-33-29, 393-33-25
Mon-Sun 08: 30-23: 00

Krasnogvardeyskaya str., 1B
(044) 499-08-90
Mon-Sun 08: 00-23: 00

Berkovetskaya Str., 6
(044) 393-20-70
(044) 393-20-74
Mon-Sun 08: 30-22:00

Most District Str., 4
(044) 391-52-00,
Mon-Sun 08: 30-22: 00

For business

For entrepreneurs retail space in hypermarkets "Auchan" is a very advantageous option, as the company's policy aimed at maximizing benefits for consumers, attracts a huge number of people.You can find a variety of products or specific brands that are not present in the hypermarket, but are popular with customers, "Auchan" and start selling them.When customers are satisfied, the winner remains.

If any city is still no store of this network, it is temporary.The company's goal - to open in every region of Ukraine hypermarket "Auchan".Kiev, Odessa and other four cities - is just the beginning.