Mutual funds Sberbank.

When it's time to think about where to invest savings or earned any money, and the word "investment" is almost nothing to say, then you have a reason to rejoice.In order to receive a passive income, there is no need for a long time studying financial science to memorize complex terms, to understand graphs and charts to analyze the market decline, to acquire work experience, to learn the finer points of the game on the securities market.It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, it has long been thought up.

What mutual funds Sberbank?

Mutual funds - a complex, which is based on trust management of resources (assets) fund management companies.Their main function - increase the value of shares.Formed on the basis of mutual funds of investors - individuals.The basic meaning of the investment funds is to obtain a return on assets that are securities: bonds, stocks, and so on. N.

investor in the mutual fund may be any private individual who acquires shares - securities confirming the right of the owner topart of the fund's assets.Thus, irrespective of their number, each investor has the same rights.Gains on assets distributed among the shareholders in proportion to the number of shares.


Asset Management Mutual Funds - the best option available investment funds with a limited time limit and a small amount of knowledge.But the seemingly simple way of investing puts for the following tasks, namely, the choice of the company or the bank, which are taken handle other people's money.As a rule, first come to mind are the major players of the financial sector.Savings And in this line, of course, occupies a leading position.

Until 2012, the management company of the bank was named "Troika Dialog".Today Sberbank calls his creation more subject - "Sberbank Asset Management."The essence of the function does not change.Customers are offered a rather large list of funds for investment.Mutual funds Sberbank are represented in all sectors of the Russian economy.The value of a share is initially 15 thousand rubles.Further contributions is significantly lower - 1.5 thousand rubles.

Even though experience with a large number of highly professional managers of mutual funds is more than 10 years, it is necessary to know both negative and positive aspects of investing money in mutual funds and have at least minimum notion on how to choose a fund.

investment portfolio

By 2014, "Sberbank Asset Management" offers potential shareholders a choice of 23 mutual funds.Each of them has as attractive side and alarming.So, for example, mutual fund bonds Sberbank "Ilya Muromets" offers potential shareholders rather high unit price, a balanced distribution of funds for investments in several sectors of the economy and low risks.

For fans of "hotter" there is always an offer.One of the most profitable funds is a "Fund riskier bonds."At the time of its founding value of the share was 1.7 thousand rubles.By May 2014 it rose to 2.5 thousand rubles.But the yield compared with other funds just amazing: 29.4% for 36 months, in the intervening period from January to May 2014 - almost 3%.And this despite the fact that the majority of mutual funds over 5 months not only increased the value of the units, and reduced them to a minus.What is the secret of success of this fund?


portfolio management company distributes the funds in securities of various issuers.In order that the reader finally got confused in terms of, let's deal with this as an example of one of the funds - mutual fund "Dobrynya.""Sberbank Asset Management" founded the complex in June 1997.Issuers "Dobrynya" - are Russian companies with high liquidity and growth potential, namely, working in areas such as:

- oil and gas;

- telecommunications;

- finance;

- consumer sector;

- media and IT;

- chemical industry;

- real estate;

- transport.

All shares of issuers can be called a part of the investment portfolio.But this is not quite an accurate description.Buying a share fund with low risk, a beginner investor should remember that it yields relatively low.That is why more experienced shareholders advise "do not put all your eggs in one basket."The best option would be to invest in at least two different funds: mutual fund with high risk and return, and mutual fund with low risk and stable returns.This option is the allocation of capital, as a rule, has the highest efficiency.


Choice of exercise to evaluate the effectiveness of management.It is compared with the yield achieved and potential.But for her next client probably will not find information.The potential yield mutual funds Sberbank official management company can not advertise.Only the last of its achievements can serve as an indicator of effectiveness.

reviews and evaluation assets

If the investor is still the beginning of the chosen mutual funds Sberbank reviews experienced shareholders on the Internet about their profitability will be the first step towards a clear picture of the work of the management company.Community forums tend to not reveal any figures and interest does not carry the full analysis, but it is useful in terms of practicality choice of the investment portfolio.

valuation of the Fund at the stage of determining in which of them is to invest, will still have to do yourself.This task is not too difficult.The official website of the Savings Bank account of the work of the management company is presented in tabular form.They contain complete information: name of the fund, the value of a share in each of them, the yield for 36, 24, 12 months of work, as well as over the past period of this year.

mutual funds Sberbank Russia - plus a selection

  1. The biggest advantage is that the Fund may enter into almost every, not possessing special knowledge.Mutual Fund does not require investor understanding of all the intricacies of the process, constant attention and monitoring the growth of capital.This fully engaged in the management company.
  2. second plus - a consequence of the first: saving personal time client.The reliability of the bank's worth it.No need to waste time on a permanent control over the course of market ups and downs, to participate directly in the process and so on.Once a customer buys a share in Sberbank PIF, his papers are beginning to engage in professional managers.
  3. Available amount of down payment.15 thousand rubles - a small start-up capital to start investing activities.
  4. simpler formatting.To join in mutual funds Sberbank enough you should have only the necessary amount of money and passport.Client management company must submit an application for the acquisition of the unit.That's all.Sell ​​pie is as easy as buy, that is also enough to write a statement in the office of the management company.
  5. liquidity of shares.Mutual funds Sberbank of Russia are quite diverse in their characteristics.There are funds with a high yield and high-risk and, on the other hand, with minimal risk, stable income, but high liquidity.These involve the sale of mutual funds share quickly with the least amount of time and with virtually no loss in value.
  6. taxes.They are subject only to yield mutual funds Sberbank.To be more specific, the net profit.Removed tax it automatically at a rate of 13%.Of course there is no need for a separate filing declaration to the tax office.
  7. investment diversification.To reduce the risks of a shareholder funds allocated for the purchase of bonds and shares of various sectors of the Russian economy.This allows the investment portfolio to become more resistant to falling markets.
  8. Security investments under state control.The risk of irrecoverable financial losses minimized, since the money invested shareholders are not stored in the accounts of the management company.Funds are transferred to a special depository.Controlling them carried out by state authorities.

Cons of investing in mutual funds

  1. lack of guarantees.Not a single fund does not give confidence that the shareholder will make a profit in a given time period.It all depends on the behavior of the market and how experienced and skilled traders Fund.The risks are always present.
  2. overbilling unit.This is done to attract new investors.The mechanism is quite simple overstatement.Before reporting period the management company purchases the shares of those companies that are already in the portfolio, thereby increasing its value.Of course the price goes up and share.After the reporting period, unnecessary stocks are cleared.Share price falls.

grand total

start investing more practical of all, investing in mutual funds Sberbank.Yield, reviews, a maximum of public information available to confirm this statement.