Machines for harvesting leafy greens

cultivation of crops such as dill, parsley, cilantro (coriander), sorrel, arugula salads and other small-leaved includes the most complicated and crucial final stage - cleaning.The difficulty lies in the need to cut leaves exactly at a certain level, the danger of accidental damage to delicate products, small size and short crop harvesting time, as the plants will quickly lose a fresh look.

Traditionally, cleaning is done by hand with the involvement of a large number of the workforce.This type of work requires care, accuracy, some skill and is payable generally superior to other types of field work due to the difficulty and complexity.

Manual cleaning consists of the following basic operations: the cut products, forming beams linking beams, laying bundles in crates or boxes.

Question mechanization of harvesting greens there anyway, especially with the increase of areas under crops of these crops.Machines for harvesting leafy greens are self-propelled or towed to the tractor platform, which has all the main working bodies and space operators.

machine design consists of the platform on wheels or tracks, tools for cutting, the conveyor belt for the cut product line of desktop and to link training, filling and packaging of products, spaces for the storage of boxes or boxes with the finished product.Among the most common extra options can be set: a canopy for sun protection, equipment for washing products, system ties in bundles, shakers of the conveyor belt.

mechanical harvesting process repeats almost all manual cleaning operation.

production cut at exactly predetermined height automatically by a belt knife with an electronic sensor with a photocell which allows perfect cut precisely to hold regardless of the unevenness of the ground, which is set cam followers.

then cut product falls onto a conveyor belt made of special food-grade rubber.This tape has a hydraulic drive with adjustable speed.

After this production falls on the sorting table and line training, where the operators manual and semi-automatic wire of the primary part time, packaging and storage of leafy greens.Depending on the specific type of culture and harvesting machines can be equipped with additional special order systems for the preparation of commercial products, its overload the trailer or trailer, unloading pallets with boxes of the machine.

self-propelled version of the machine has a diesel engine capacity of 30 hp, four-wheel drive and autopilot.For work required tractor trailer trucks ranging from 50 hp, equipped with hydraulic and electrical systems and the three-point linkage.

Working speed machines for cleaning green is on average about 3-5 km / h, and performance - up to 5 ha per day.

If special features of the machine for harvesting leafy greens allow almost fully prepare products for implementation in the fresh form, and for the harvesting of green crops for further processing (drying, milling, food processing) produced a simplified and cheaper models with a minimal set of operations: truncationvsploshnuyu and overload the trailer.

The main advantages of using this type of technology are: high performance, the replacement of heavy manual labor, a minimal loss when cleaning the high quality of harvested products, savings and lower production costs.