How to make your own cages for quail

quail eggs today it is difficult to surprise.Advertising in the media showed a lot of advantages over other eggs of birds.How difficult is it to produce cells for quail?It turns out that, even with a little skill to work with the tool, handyman able to make such premises for the birds.

Cages for quail can be made of wood, metal and plastic.Depending on your DIY skills and tools in the workshop and the material chosen.Wooden cells produce easier.Bars 30x30 or 40x40 mm easy to saw at the right size, drill holes for the screws and assemble the structure.All elements can be made of wood, even the bottom of the cell, but it should be noted that regular cleaning will require additional time.Therefore, the bottom often made of wire mesh.

If there is welding machine and welding work skills performing quail cells to produce better steel shaped tubes.Main elements may be made of square shaped tube size 20h20h1,5 mm.The cost of this material is comparable in cost to a tree.The advantage would be to use a more rigid material are firmly fixed in its product design.Another important advantage of such a cell would be possible to manufacture multi-tiered cells.This will allow the same area occupied by a single cell, place several identical cells on different floors.For summer

content of quail can be manufactured and a simplified structure, which uses a galvanized welded mesh for the formation of the carcass and the entire cell.Such cells for quail can be installed under a light shelter to protect birds from the sun and weather.But it is better to build a space where quail are kept all year round.In isolation or additionally constructed building is easier to create the conditions for a comfortable climate, optimum lighting and comfort.

Modern perepelovodov share its experience in the creation of a network of quail farms, some are even ready to provide a drawing for quail cells.They point out that the cell should be comfortable wheels.In this case, when performing maintenance work they have mobility, they can be moved, set the desired location, and to clean the room of debris.

Inside Mobile installed metal cages comfortable drinkers and feeders.You can resolve the issue of partial or full mechanization of the water and feed.Using the experience of large livestock farms, perepelovodov create miniature plants for cleaning litter.Even the question of individual lighting intracellular space easily solved if there is a rigid structure in the inner cavities which can pave the electrical wires.

What else is important?Metal cages should be covered with primer, and even better to paint primer combination of the "three in one", which in its composition contains a substance that transforms rust into iron phosphate.Stained cells elements for quail combined primer provides excellent enamel coating.It resists corrosion and can be used for decades.

bottom metal cages made of galvanized mesh.Here it is required to set a detachable sheet, which is going to litter.It is easily cleaned of dirt and refit.

in one cell will generally contain from 10 to 25 quails.This does not prevent a tight fit to have high productivity quail.Cells (its dimensions) are constructed according to specific criteria required area for a bird's head.Typically such premises for poultry has a length of 500 mm in depth - 250 mm and height - 200-270 mm.Leaves a gap between the tiers of about 75-100 mm, which allows you to set the list of comet.

Given the growth in the average human cell stacked battery do no more than five storeys.The weight of such cells is relatively small, about 80-100 kg.This makes it easy to move them on a smooth concrete floor.It is important that the uprights of metal cages for quail were made of a more powerful rectangular tube profile, e.g., 20h40h2 mm.Hutch to the struts can be welded or fixed by bolting or rivet-nuts mounted in the racks themselves.Then, easy to remove one of the lines and carry out repairs (if necessary).

One of the important conditions of the quail is to protect them from the draft.It will help plastic sandwich panels that builders use to form slopes on the windows.These panels are easily cut to the desired size, their surface is flat and smooth.They are easy to wash ordinary sponge soaked with water or cleaning solutions.Some perepelovodov instead of metal grids adapted to install plastic nets with mesh 10x10 mm.They are installed even at the bottom.Paws quail on average about 18 mm, so they will not to fall into the cells.

Particularly suitable plastic mesh for cell-growing quail youngsters.The relatively soft surface such nets will protect quail from injury when striking about it.Cages for young do with a smaller height than adult birds.They are required to establish local heaters (incandescent lamps in closed translucent body) as perepelyata require higher temperatures.Installing a variable resistor in the control circuit voltage or automatic temperature controller, similar to that used in incubators, will maintain a comfortable temperature in the local areas regardless of its fluctuations inside the room.

Cages for quail constantly improved.There are new, easy-to-work materials.Therefore, the independent production of these cells can be an interesting hobby, and for some very profitable business.