How to develop the child in 2 months?

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Every mother should understand that you need to develop your baby from birth, not only from the moment when he begins to speak, or an active interest in things around.So, in this article I want to talk about how to develop the child in 2 months.


two-month baby is very young and not yet fully got stronger (this is about the beginning-middle of the third month of life crumbs), but he is already actively developing movements with his hands and feet, developing muscular system and somecontrolling their sway.Child of 2 months is able to raise his head a little in the "prone", but on the back of it as yet is not symmetrical, turning in turn one and then the other leg.The situation will change toward the end of the second month of life.As for the fingers, they almost always are clenched in a fist, if an adult to invest finger, the child of his strong will shrink.Hands pipsqueak been able to raise up to the head and keep along the upper part of his torso.It is also important to remember mothers in this age baby's cry - the main means of communication with others.So he indicates if he is cold, he wants to eat or mom urgently need to change a diaper crumbs.Also, a child cries can "talk" about the different pain, he may feel at this moment.At the same time, the baby begins to talk - or rather, to babble, uttering different sounds.Will prevail vowels such as a, e, y of her.Can a pipsqueak also utter the letter "x" with the vowels - "ho", "heh", "ha".It is important to say that at this time the mother can see the baby's first smile, which thus will thank her for the care and warmth.Well, it's time to start working with a toddler, developing it in different directions.


If a woman wants to know how to develop the child in 2 months, it is necessary to remember that the first rule is: how can we pay more attention to its crumbs.In most cases, the child is still that he will do or what to him would be to carry out the manipulation, he needs to mom was near.It should be as often as possible to take the child in his arms, to practice contact "skin to skin", a lot of talking to the kid, even just pronouncing their actions.So the kid will be interesting to observe the surroundings, plus it will always hear human speech, and thus learn to understand the world.At this time, it is important that the child was near not only the mother, but also dad.Thus, the child will see the world from different perspectives and to identify themselves somewhat differently than when resides exclusively in the women's, my mother's company.


Which mode of the child in 2 months?This is also an important issue.It is important to say that there is no special instructions, it is usually all individually, and at this time the baby itself adjusts its time games and recreation.However, in general we can say that at the time already spent awake much longer than in the first month of life, and this period is gradually increasing.For example, a pipsqueak sleeping about 3-4 times a day for a couple of hours, in the same amount of it is about 8 hour day and 16-18 per day.In this period it is already possible to highlight some feature of crumbs - will he "owl" or "lark."For example, some children are more active in the morning, and someone - a lover of the night walk in the morning sleep.At this time to change this situation is virtually impossible, sincethe baby is enjoying only the signals of their own biorhythms.It becomes an important mode of the Child (2 months).Here the mother should understand that, for example, bathe crumbs should be at one and the same time.So it is better to do and walks to the child is able to navigate throughout the day and late in the afternoon to realize that soon have to go to bed for a long night's sleep.As for the night's sleep, if the child is not worried about anything, such as colic, he can sleep soundly about 6 hours without waking up, even for a snack.However, if there are any problems, it is necessary at the first cry of the baby to respond to his call: a simple approach, or applied to the chest.So kids at this age it is best to calm down.


Often mothers raises the question of how to develop the child in 2 months.Quite simply, you can do this using a variety of toys.What can it be?Clearly, different rattles.They should be bright, emit a variety of sounds.However, not too large overweight and becausecrumbs is hard to hold the items.Rattles can hang over the child, and it will just touch their feet or handles.Also good to stock up on a variety of drawings, which will be shown large-color objects.So the baby will be easier to take the picture.It is also good to buy mobility - rotating karuselkah, which is also at this time will be interesting crumbs.

Development: Learning movement

So how to develop the child in 2 months?To do this properly you need without dumping everything into a heap, and working with the child alternately with something one, then another.So now we will focus on how to help your child learn the movement.

twist: this time you can help the crumbs to learn to master the upheavals on the back of the abdomen and back.First, look better, as do the kids are older and already in their suit to help your child.First, you need to put your baby on his stomach and his hands to help him to roll over on the back - it's a little easier than to roll from his back to his tummy.But the need to train both.You also need to put the child on the back, clasp hands at the sides, as if to swing it from side to side, showing that this is what he will later roll.After a while you need to give crumbs to try to repeat the movement.It does not matter if the first attempt did not work, you need to deal with on a daily basis, without giving this lesson.An important point: it is better if the baby will always turn to my mother, and not to turn away from it, it will be an additional incentive to perform great tasks.

on the handle: as important as often as possible to take the baby in her arms, but not in the same position, but in different ways.It can denounce lying in his arms on the back or stomach, hold a little column.As a child, you can also twist, turn, do not need to be afraid of.Especially since the kiddies is often like that.

head: if the child is 2 months, you need to help him to work with the muscles of the neck, to learn to keep the head.To do this you need to put the toddler in the stomach so that when picked up, he was right in the face of my mother.Involve the child can be in different ways: displaying toys, pictures, just talking to him.We need to do what like chubby little boy, and then he begins quietly on their own to learn to lift his head to see better mom or what it shows.

muscles: if the child is 2 months old, it is already possible to raise hands.How to do it?When the crumb lying on his back, Mom gives him two of his fingers for which the child is missing, and slowly gives a lift child.If all goes well, you can raise a child, and then, in the standing position.And if the child's hand is quite strong, and the kid is not my mother throws a finger, you can also over time to try to understand it in such a way over the mattress.You can not be afraid to do it, especially since the kiddies loved it.Another exercise that will help your child in future in the "prone" need to draw in his legs under the belly.And if while he will not do this, the future of these workouts oh so handy.

Development: Handle

study the subject.What are the lessons with the child (2 months)?Quite simply, you can start to learn to touch all the objects that are at home.To do this for a short period to take a crumb on the handle in the "bar" and wear around the house, holding his palm on a variety of subjects.Kid will feel that they are all different from each other not only by color, but also to the touch: one cool and solid (furniture), some soft and warm (pillows or stuffed animals).It is important to say that everything he sees pipsqueak, you need to comment, to tell him what it is and what it should be.Also, be sure to begin to develop fine and gross motor baby fingers (this is necessary, particularly for the development of the speech center of the baby).So, it is necessary to invest in the palm various objects and tell what it is and what you need.Once, for example, it may be a thick knitting thread with a knot at the end, at other times - pen and so on.Also for the development of fine motor skills can be done at home toys.To do this, make a small pouch made of thick bright fabric, which is filled with beaded or, for example, millet.All carefully sutured so that nothing fell and the baby is put in the pen.Touching a cushion, toddler massages his fingers and contributes to just such a simple manner own development.


it was at this time the baby starts "gulit", iein its talk to the outside world.Do not be afraid to talk with the baby on his tongue.So it will be understood that all the above can be repeated, and will try to do it.2 months of life, talking to him, it is necessary to exclude from his speech different pronouns.Better not say "I" and "mother", not "he" or "she" and "Dad" or "grandmother."Also, chips need to be called as often as possible by name, that he was accustomed to it, "Sasha woke up!" Or "Now Sasha will eat."When you want to say something to a child, you need to call him by his name, that he knew when and how to treat it.However, consciously respond to her name the baby will begin only half a year of his life.

Hand Massage is also very important to do a daily massage to the child.Crumbs 2 months - a time when it needs to be actively promoted.There are situations where massages are prescribed by a doctor for some indications, but my mother must also own the house to knead her child.This can be a simple hand massage.It is necessary to put the baby back and be at his feet.Then you need to handle the baby mother and put her finger to stroke the brush first child, and then, and the whole hand.Movement should be easy, smooth, anywhere and on what it is not necessary to press.It does this with one hand and with the second.Further, the handle slightly bent, unbent, and the mother can massage the palm legenky crumbs.

Foot Massage

By the same principle, as well as hand massage, foot massage is performed.It is necessary to put the baby on the back, to stand at his feet to take in hand, first one leg, stroking her from the foot to the thigh, but avoiding the area of ​​the knee and the front of the shin.Then everything is done with the other leg.You can also massage the foot.

back massage

How else can do baby massage (2 months crumbs)?Thus, it can be easy massazhik back.First you need to back of his hand on the buttocks legenky conduct on the back to the head, the back massage stroking movements have made hand.So you need to repeat 4-5 times.It is also well developed and the spine remains.To do this, it needs to be put on the flank, with one hand to fix the leg, and the other to hold the spine from the bottom, from the sacrum upward.According to the reflex, the child vygnet back.Doing such manipulation on one side, the baby must be turned to the second and repeat the same thing.

Massage abdomen

also important and abdominal massage crumbs.This is especially needed kids who suffer colic.So, you first need to stroke the baby's tummy in a clockwise direction, it is about 5 times.Then Mom puts his hands one after the other in the stomach and alternately stroking the baby downward movement, performing as five times.It is important that these movements coincide with the work of the intestine, helping the child easier to carry the process of digestion.It is also good to stroke obliques crumbs holding hands by the sides to the center of the abdomen.

Games: Ball

There are also educational games for children up to a year.In this situation, make good use of various auxiliary items.One of them - a large ball fitball.It is necessary to put the child (if pipsqueak naked, better lay a cloth ball) on the stomach, and so little ride in one direction and then the other.It not only develops the muscles of the child, but also makes a small massazhik belly, which is very useful for this baby.

Games: look

What are developing exercises for children?So, why not train the baby's vision?To do this you need to take some bright object can be a flashlight, and drive them before the eyes of a child, first with one hand to another.Code kid will surely follow the subject, you can continue to play on, leading them from the top down.When and it is confident it turns out, you can move objects around.However, it is worth remembering that if crumbs quickly tired of this occupation, it is better to stop and move on to something else.

Games: verses

Child Development (2-3 months) already allows crumbs clearly hear everything uttered by adults.This is a good time to introduce the toddler with rhymes, because almost all the kiddies love the rhymed lines.You can recite children (and not only) poetry, but you can just improvise zarifmovyvaya everything that is happening around and in this way to communicate with the toddler.

Noisy games

How to develop infant?To do this, simply attach to the bells-bells booties.And with every movement of the legs kid will hear a distinct sound.And if he will like the crumbs, the child will move as much as possible, thus training their muscles.

game "Where am I?»

to develop hearing and vision crumbs, you can play with it in a simple game called "Where am I?" To this end, my mother simply move around the room at the time when the baby is, say,crib.Thus, the child will try to find a look mom, exercising at the same time.It is said that this is a great game, because along the way you can make a lot of useful things.

game "What?»

In order to develop the child's sense of touch, it can be given to touch various objects.They can be hard and soft, warm and cold, smooth and rough.You can also pick up various patches that the child understands that all the world's different not only in appearance, but also to the touch.

game for the development of the neck muscles

For this game mother should lie on your back and put the baby tummy down.When the baby is sitting comfortably, you need to call him by his name and to try to ensure that it is at least a little lifted his head and looked at the face of my mother.So do as long as the baby will refuse to raise the head.


It is worth noting that today there are so many different books on the theme "Developing a child at home."You can find various tips Plan, which, incidentally, may even contradict each other.Thus, some experts will say that at this age the child should be as small as possible to bother others, on the contrary, will recommend the dynamic elements of gymnastics for newborns.Therefore, parents need to intelligently approach the choice of the activities and exercises, which they want to develop their own child, guided by the recommendations of a pediatrician and your own experience and opinion.