How to bid?

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stakes in one form or another existed in the world since time immemorial.It could be an ordinary dispute that for the sake of reinforced material values.The most popular have always bet at the racetrack, which originated in ancient Rome.

argue - this is one of the peculiarities of human nature.However, from ancient times up to the present moment is the art of repeatedly transformed.If earlier it was enough just verbal agreement, but now it has become a whole market.All sorts of betting, bookmakers, forecasters - all this helps to increase the popularity of this gambling session.How to bid - now knows probably everyone.But, despite this, really earn through this method can not everyone.

process rates

In order not to lose all your money on the first attempt, you must learn how to bet on sports right.Most beginners do it, relying only on their own intuition, that acts in different situations in different ways.These fans can be either quickly hit the jackpot or simply just lose everything.But if they manage to succeed, as a rule, they still will soon lose their earnings.This is due to the elemental excitement.After one important victory they begin to feel that they are sufficiently versed in this matter, and people are starting to put more and more.Sooner or later the luck turns away from such intuitive players.

How to bid?It is a science.The basic rule to play in any field is a thorough study of it.Distinguish professional bookmaker from an ordinary novice, you can very easily.This can be seen even on the basis of their views.Professional always focus and composure, he knows the situation in their rates and keeps track of all the latest news.Junior same or advantage flair rates, or content only superficial knowledge.The main clue to how to bet, - collection and analysis of information.


in the field of sport, the focus of the players attracted football.Given that it is the most popular game in the world, how to bet on football, even a child will understand.Any man in our country a little bit, but understands the game.

selects that has more chances to win, you put on it and get the money.Like all simple, but actually it is not so.

the outcome of a football match, not only affects the status of the team, but also hundreds of other factors.For example, there are cases where the team simply did not need a victory in the match, and its players are not laid out in full.So they can save power before the next match, a victory which for them a priority.In such cases, even the best team may lose or play a draw with a weaker opponent.

also need to know the situation of the team on which you bet.For example, all the injuries and replacements in the composition.So, playing non-core staff, the team can show a completely different result compared with his usual game.

How to bet on football, depends on many other factors.For example, in what will be the match field.As you know, at home, and walls help, however, as the statistics show, on away matches the team more likely to lose.A new player or a coach in the composition, the personal circumstances of the players and even the weather - all this affects the outcome of the match.

Other sports

course, one football betting is not limited to the world.Basketball, tennis, volleyball, racing, snooker and even chess - on all this can play the audience.Despite some differences between them, we can highlight the basic principles that will help you understand how to bet.

example, the situation with the football team appears in all games.Basketball, volleyball, handball - in these sports need to comply with the same conditions as in betting on football.

If your choice has fallen on a single sport, say, tennis, you have to know as a player on whom you set, as well as the story of his victories and defeats of the upcoming opponent.Based on these data, we can learn to predict the outcome of any match.But, of course, it happens and force majeure, which can not be predetermined.It is worth remembering that you bet on a game of people, and people tend to commit mistakes.

How to bid: "Dota 2"

Following the development of gambling increases and the scope of their influence.If before the main shelter was betting racecourse, now you can put even the outcome of games.ESports became topical in our country recently, so this sphere of development still is not strong enough.Still, such rates are taking place, and one of its trends is one of the most popular games in the world - "Dota 2".

Despite the skeptical attitude of the majority of the adult population to such manifestations of computer games, "Dota 2" for many became a source of income, in the truest sense of the word.Thus, in one of the most important tournaments of the game in 2014. The winning team won a $ 5 million.

Play through the bookmaker is not different from rates in other sports.Choose a team, put on her money and, depending on your outlook, you win or lose.But it is worth noting that while in ordinary sports each person a little bit, but understands, in the case of computer games the situation is quite different.Therefore, we recommend that you learn how to bet in eSports.

Many players are interested in many issues related to their favorite pastime.For example, where to bet on the game without spending real money.Besides rates through bookmaker there is another method which is suitable for players.There is a special resource that you can not put the money, and in-game items.To begin with, in the privacy settings "Steam" to do your inventory visible to all on the Internet.Then, you must enter the site dota2lounge.In the upper right corner is a special button that allows to enter the site through the account "Steam".You must then select the game for which you bet.Please note that you can not bet on the matches that have already begun.After selection you must click on the icon of the team, which will be bid.Select items (no more than 4) and press the button "bet".After that, there should be a button that, when clicked you add a special robot friend.After a while, he will send a verification code to be compared with the code in a pop-up window below.If they match, it is necessary to confirm the exchange and put the selected items.After an exchange of updated pages and we see that things are successfully delivered.

How to bid "CS: GO"

Just as in the previous embodiment, it is possible to bet on the money (via bookmaker) and the in-game objects (via the website cslounge).

In the second embodiment, do the same as in the case of "DotA 2".You must first open an account privacy settings, and then login to the site and make a bet.

Types Rates

That, what result can be placed, depending on the imagination of the bookmakers.For example, some offices can be put on top removal in football, the fact how long the match, and so on.As a rule than an intricate thing rate, the greater the odds for it.That is, apart from the usual victory, a draw or a defeat, you can select hundreds of other options.What bet, you must decide for himself, based on the situation.

addition, you can bet not only on a single event, but on several at once.For example, if you bet on three matches (this is called the rate "Express"), their ratio is multiplied, and if your prediction is correct, the winnings will be many times more than if you bet on each match individually.

You can also bet on what will be the gap on points between the teams at the end of the match or who will score first.But these rates are quite difficult to predict, and they tend to be designed for self-assured newcomers.


In the world there are so many different betting and bookmakers.Most of them have several of their offices in every city.In addition, there may be online betting via the internet.In Russia it is possible to allocate 5 most famous and at the same time the most reliable:

  1. PariMatch.
  2. WinLine.
  3. Marathon Bet.
  4. LeonBets.
  5. FavBet.

odds on them are generally lower than in the less known resources, but it pays off their reliability.Each of these offices has a website through which the opportunity to bet online.To start, select one of them and register in the system.To register, you must provide documents about the majority in any of the offices of the selected organization.You can also go through the online registration process by entering the passport data in the form of fill that is present on the site.After that you need to recharge your account through the office, or by using a web wallet.

on the site in a convenient form displays all upcoming events, and the odds on them.


Along with the increased interest to such gambling, have become popular so-called forecasters.Forecasters - these are the people who are professionally versed in the particular field of interest rates and offer their services to others for a reasonable price.

If you are contacted by this representative of this business, the more successful you will be able to conduct the initial stages as long until we will understand what's what.But it is worth remembering that fraud in this area are very common, and you should not blindly trust everyone you meet.This is especially true of those who obsessively offers its services - in most cases this is a hoax.

Conclusion In conclusion, we note that despite the industry rate you choose, for successful betting we first need to understand the basics.Explore all available material, try to make oral predictions and alert to all the nuances identified.In that case you will understand how to bet on sports and the game will be for you not only enjoyable, but profitable occupation.