How to send files via "Skype": a brief guide

Skype has become an integral part of the lives of Internet users.This can be easily explained, because with the help of this small program you can easily communicate with family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, even when you are far away from them."Skype" is simply irreplaceable those who want to share the news with relatives.Very often, what we need is not just to communicate, but also to send a friend photos, videos or other files.Here the question arises of how to send files via "Skype".

How to send files via "Skype": step by step instructions

  1. Sign up for Skype, to be able to transfer files of any type through this program.If you are already registered, then simply login to your profile by entering a username and password.Keep in mind that sending files via "Skype" is available only to registered users.
  2. Once your profile is loaded (on the left displays a list of contacts), you can start sending the desired file.Choose among the contacts of the user to whom you want to send files via "Skype".Remember that it must be "online" to be able to confirm the request for adoption.Double click on its name left mouse button.
  3. recipient must reside while sending multimedia files or other near your computer.Therefore, it is expedient to warn him about it.
  4. Remember that while the process of downloading the file, you can not turn off the computer.
  5. Once you select the desired contact, the program will open a separate window messages.
  6. clicking on the "+" in the opened window, you will see a list of possible actions.Among them are easy to find the "Send file".Choosing the path to the document you want to send, and clicking on it with the left mouse button, you will need to click on "OK".As soon as the other person agrees to accept the image or video, they will be downloaded to his computer.A special lane indicator will indicate to you how much is left to complete the download.
  7. Congratulations, your file has been successfully sent!

send files during a call

Interestingly, the Skype program allows you to send documents, photos and video files, not only through dialogue.If you are interested in how to send files via "Skype" during a voice, video call or video chat, then the following instructions for you:

  1. Call the man to whom you want to transfer files.
  2. Click on the "+" and select the desired action.In the opened window, select the file (group of files) that you want to transfer and click "OK".
  3. If you want during a call to look at the indicator strip, click on the dialog box.
  4. Likewise, you can take a file and clicking in a voice or video call to "Save" button.

What you need to know if you want to send the file via "Skype"?

main advantage in the use of Skype software is the fact that you can without any problems and fast enough to transmit any number of files, even large sizes.It often happens that during the transmission of images or documents Internet connection is dropped.But you should not worry about it, because if you know how to send files via "Skype" is correct, then the source is required to get them when Internet connection resumes.To protect the data of users, Skype encrypts all sent by documents and images.

The Skype better than e-mail when sending documents and pictures?

Through Skype software, you can quickly and easily send very large files, ie there are no restrictions on the size, as is the case in e-mail.Furthermore, Skype does not use the Internet for transmission service that makes sending almost instantly.