An unexpected problem: how do you know your email

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Forgetfulness - one of the most interesting features of human nature.Sometimes forget certain events and facts useful, but often the loss of the right information leads to significant problems.For example, loss of e-mail addresses do not enable to obtain the desired correspondence.And then before the man raises the question: "How do you know your email?"

What is the difference e-mail

Email - practically full analogue normal.With it, create and send email messages.Attach to the letter, you can not just text and photos but also the media.

address e-mail is unique to each user.Of course, compared with the usual residential address e-mail is difficult.E-mail box - virtual creation.This storage of information in the network.Create a special e-mail servers, access to it can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.The address consists of two parts, separated by the @ sign.The presence of this sign - a prerequisite.The first part - a unique nickname, the second - the name of the mail server.E-mail address at registration gain on the server.It is necessary to remember another set of unique parameters: password, the answer to the security question, the mobile phone number to which the address is tied.Recent data needed to restore the password, which is the property of the owner and is not transmitted to outsiders.

Features access to the address

So successfully passed the registration process, obtaining a unique address, you safely forget it.Before you know your email, remember the name of the server that is registered.

Generally free: mail, yandex, rumbler.

  • If you open the relevant page on your own computer, you can see the username, which has been used previously in the "Mail".Usually it is the first part of the address, and the name of the server - the second.The latter is in the browser address bar.
  • Some mail servers have multiple domains, offering them the choice of the user.In this case, the problem of "how do you know your email" becomes more difficult as many times as the domain name server offers.
  • Using special mail programs installed on the PC, resulting in a situation where a person does not try to remember the address.Automatic tuning applications do not require a constant input, as a consequence, the information is forgotten.You can find the needed settings.Usually it is sufficient to open the accounts section.For users uncertain it becomes an insoluble problem.The man asks, "How do I know my email address?" - And finds no answer. But the solution is simple - find the section "Administration", look at the letters.

Active address - a prerequisite

Confidence in the presence of e-mail addresses canshake the inability to send messages to your mailbox. "Undelivered Message" - the scourge of locked boxes.

If the mailing address not to use within three months, it will be blocked by the system. It is necessary to go through the recovery process. Without answering the question of how do you know your email,it is impossible. Breaking the cycle to help a friend who you have sent the message. However, you can look for an entry in a notebook, you may do so after registration.

using social networks

There are fairly simple way to determine its contact information emailmail. Social networks in the process of registration requested to publish the number of contact data (see "Personal Information"), including e-mail.Suffice it to carefully examine all the necessary options in the network.Personal data are often available to the public.

ID - a string of numbers that uniquely identifies the registration for individual sites, often replaced with login, nickname, and so on. N. Using special software belongs to the category of prohibited items.Hacking pages prosecuted administratively, whether it's personal page.The easiest way how to find an email in the "contacts" - check out: maybe it is used as a login.

remarkable that the world is full of good friends with whom you keep in touch, contact them.Perhaps they know the desired address.