The strangest museums in Paris

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most unusual museums of the French capital, to visit ...


If you are already a little recovered from the enchanting magic of Paris enchants every visitor, you can go to the Museum of Magic (Musée de la Magie)for another "dose" of magic.It's a little creepy place tells the story of magic and illusionists using the old props, posters and magical paraphernalia.Overpay a little for a ticket, you can also visit the Museum of mechanical toys, located around the corner on the same street as the Museum of Magic - St. Paul Street in the IV District.


Authorities in Paris are so proud of their sewage system, even created a special museum dedicated to the now existing sewer tunnel.

course here does not smell like a real sewer.One of the main objectives of the museum is a brilliant demonstration of a simple circuit, which engineers designed for the cleaning of blockages in an old sewer system, dating from XIX century.

Museum is located at the Alma bridge on the left bank of the Seine.


Located in the heart of the trendy Marais district of Paris museum might seem a bit out of place among the trendy boutiques and chic restaurants.However, the Museum of Hunting and Nature (Musée de la Chasse et la Nature) has a rich collection of stuffed animals and hunting equipment.You can also see a chair made of elk antlers.The museum is located in the III district of the capital.


lovers of carnivals have to taste the carnival Museum of Arts (Musée des Arts Forains), revealing all the secrets of the most ancient carnivals.The museum is interesting because it tells the story of nearly dying in our time, art and tradition, which people know only on film.The museum is located in the XII arrondissement.


There is something mysterious in the old stone buildings of Paris, which are on the streets of the capital a few centuries, and certainly seen a lot.Perhaps it is this sense of mystery prompted the creation of the Museum of the Vampire (Musée des Vampires) in the municipality of Le Leela.Here is the collection of vintage posters and books, and the attributes of Halloween creepy art.

Located on Rue Jules David Museum takes visitors by appointment only.


This is a series of cold underground chambers with low ceilings and gently folded bones nearly six million Parisians.There is an incredible explanation of this eerie sight.At the end of the XIX century Parisian cemetery began to gradually shut down as a danger to the population Welcome.Authorities ordered to lay down the remains underground.

Catacombs are located in the XIV arrondissement of Paris.


Medical History Museum (Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine) - is a reminder that no matter how much you do not like to go to the hospitals, the profession has come a long way.

horrific bone saws and trimmed with velvet suitcases with metal tools with sharp edges, which you can see in the museum were once the last word of technical progress.There is also a table made of petrified human limbs and liquids.

The museum is located in the VI district of the capital.


The Museum of fakes (Musée de la Contrefaçon) can be a little distracted by the terrible and sometimes ghoulish pictures of the previous institutions.The museum is run by a French trade association.

where everyday objects are combined with fakes, came down from the machine smugglers.Sometimes it is simply impossible to distinguish the real thing from the fake.

The museum is located in the XVI arrondissement.


Police Headquarters Paris Police Prefecture, has its own museum filled with old weapons and material evidence from crime scenes, as well as many photos, covering the loudest Parisian crime.

This is a very small museum and all tours and plaques decorated in French.

But for lovers of history and criminology is an amazing collection of antiques.

The museum is located in the V arrondissement.

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