Flowers of feng shui as a means of attracting wealth

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ancient Chinese doctrine of the harmonization of space become a part of our lives and our consciousness.And it is no coincidence, because the feng shui really help us feel confident in our life attracts positive events and circumstances.Many people carefully study all the intricacies of this teaching and have in his house different characters who will help them change lives.In this article I want to talk about the impact ordinary houseplants, and what should choose colors for feng shui to attract to your home energy wealth and prosperity.

Money Tree

Everyone knows the so-called money tree or Crassula.This plant with fleshy rounded leaves, symbolizing the coin, is an indicator of money.It is generally believed that if you actively grow flowers for Feng Shui, this may be evidence that your wealth area is in the harmonious development.Therefore, if the money tree produces a new branch means money in the house, where it grows deep.Therefore, proper care for this plant and moderately spacious pot can contribute to welfare gains.A flower accustomed to in your home, feel comfortable and become truly yours, should not acquire a mature tree, it is better to take a small pouch and raise it yourself.Jade Leaves can store water, so it is enough to water every other day, and in winter - even rarer.


It is generally believed that the colors of feng shui, responsible for wealth and prosperity, must have round leaves.Therefore, geranium red flowers contributes to the well-being of the family, because the leaves of this plant meet all the requirements of the ancient teachings.Digress for a moment to note that red attracts money, that's why some of the charms of Feng Shui also have a red tint.But back to the geranium.This plant is not capricious, but loves light and moisture.In the summer geraniums need to be watered every day.In the cold season - 1 every 3-4 days.It is important not to fill a flower in winter, so as not to cause root rot.And, roughly, in February and March cut, remove the stretched-out branches.


Curiously, Fern is able to protect a house from unnecessary and unplanned expenses.It is well known that even the heirs before to get the property purchased fern.This plant feels well in the shade.But requires high humidity.If your house has a fountain, the fern is much cozier with him.


All colors I have mentioned types of indoor plants should be placed in the south-east area, since it is responsible for wealth and prosperity of the family.To enhance the action of these plants can be hung on the branches of a few Chinese coins on a red ribbon, and under the pots to put a few bills.Next to the flowers can be placed a frog with a coin in the mouth or a dragon, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.Owners suburban area with a garden and the owners of a small front garden or flower bed can also harmonize their areas planted flowers there on Feng Shui.It's enough to break the grid Bagua your site on certain areas.Planting such plants are better in the area of ​​wealth.Suitable for this purpose are bright lilies, because they are a symbol of abundance and prosperity.