What is childhood?

«Where does childhood in what city?" We all know these words of the famous song.And listening to them, inadvertently let in in the heart of longing for something beautiful and irretrievably lost.

What is childhood for each of us?The cheerful, carefree time, new discoveries, winning the first disappointment.Paradoxically, but somehow, as children, we were terribly want to grow up and become self-reliant, and years later, we look back with nostalgia to the desire at least an hour to get back.The reason for this is simple - a child, we were full of energy and desire to live, create, communicate, and learn.We had no fear.We were young, life seemed endless.Over time, growing up, we get not only the desired freedom, but a lot of concerns, issues, issues.Life no longer seems so carefree and iridescent, more often we think about its meaning and end.Such thoughts are inevitable.That's why sometimes I want to hide from them in a peaceful and joyful place and again find his island childhood.Parents often find it already with their children frolicking with them.Some people are so sensitive to it that shield the child from literally all, forgetting that childhood - is, first of all, the period of knowledge, learning and development.

known that the higher the living being is on the evolutionary ladder, the more helpless his calf is born.In human infants, there are no ready-made forms of behavior, such as, for example, cloven-hoofed animals, which are already a few minutes after birth stand on its feet and ready to follow his mother.In addition, the scientists proved that between the modern and the newborn child, who lived several thousand years ago, there is little difference, in spite of so many different adults of the same of different eras.It says that a child growing up and becoming entirely dependent on the environment in which it is located, and the knowledge that it receives.Everyone is familiar with the facts of feral children living apart from civilization.If these children are not taught by human skill to 6 years, then they are virtually unable to master it, to converse and even walk straight.

At birth, the baby is really like a blank sheet, which can be applied to almost anything.And these parents skillfully use, literally stealing childhood from children, turning them into geeks.Yes, we are, of course, there are examples of stars, athletes, scientists who have achieved their enormous success, thanks to the hard work of a child.However, hardly any of them would have said that such a childhood, which he had wished to, and their children.

Today, with the development of psychology, on this subject there were many discussions.But more recently mankind hardly think about the fact that such a childhood.So, in the XIX century children worked alongside adults for 14-16 hours, and only at the beginning of the XX century, with the adoption of the law on the prohibition of child labor, childhood began to take its present appearance.In today's world, parents are involved in their children hard, increasingly favoring intellectual development of the child and letting his physical development to chance, or even hurting him.For example, a well-known fact that the current first-graders for lessons tired much faster than those of previous generations, due to lack of fitness.The cases of children falling beams children's villages because of the lack of a child required hvatkosti and poor fine motor skills.The conclusion is clear - everything should be in moderation and in a timely manner.

We all come from childhood.We know its joys and sorrows, are willing to give her children the best of everything, protect and warn them.But it is important to remember that while back will not return, not rewrite history.What is there for you not just your child is an individual with their needs, thoughts and character.Allow him to fully know what the childhood and enjoy it.