How to make a home for the dolls with their own hands?

Doll House - the dream of most young girls.At such a young age, each baby visualizes real life and tries to translate their dreams into reality.Therefore, it is important parents know how to make a home for the dolls, which are all the rooms, furniture and household items in a reduced form.This will help the child to understand the purpose of many of them, as well as to develop their abstract thinking skills of the designer and other creative abilities.

favor of this class

If you do not know how to make a home for the dolls, the learning process becomes a fascinating lesson for yourself, and for the little girl.Step by step, try to trim construction materials.Connecting them together and combining, you can teach your child the first lecture on the construction and installation.Girl learns some of the properties of materials such as wood, plastic, cardboard (and others that you will apply).The next step will be in the house layout that, by itself, give your child understand how the room should be located in residential buildings.At the end you arrange the furniture in the house, thus interested daughter so popular today in the profession as a designer.Well, we start building a house for dolls with furniture according to one of the proposed options.

Select the structure of the house

Accommodation doll is sure to be opened - the roof can be folded or the main wall, which will be viewed by all the rooms and floors.I have to say that the second option is much simpler in construction, as a basis for it is in almost every home.As it stands the old chest of drawers, dresser, shelves and furniture elements such.You probably already know how to make a home for the dolls of these things, and that this will require.Depending on the shelves will vary and the number of levels, so if the shelf "one-story" house that can be divided only in the room.If you do another floor, then the toy it will not fit.When the interior walls are installed, paste wallpaper or paint them in colors that will choose the baby.We put in a tiny room furniture and go there to live little friends.

more sophisticated version - flip roof

On the question of how to make a home for the dolls with hinged roof, there are two answers.The first - as a basis and take some kind of pedestal, and to work with her more carefully than in the previous case.Remove the surface tables and take out all the partitions.To avoid this, it is advisable to start working with simple, single storey shelves.Open edge hammered plywood, and then paint the house from the outside.It is worth noting that the design of this type can only be one-story, so it is advisable to choose a shelf with a large area and low walls to be placed in her furniture and toys were comfortable.Now we come up with a house plan, and with the help of wooden walls (previously necessary to make measurements and cut plywood) set the wall.Hooking nails they can go with the help of superglue.Do not forget to create an interior in the house - Poquelin wallpaper, arrange furniture and accessories.

engaged in building from scratch

In order to build a large house for dolls, you need men's help, drawings, which are made all the elements of puppet housing and the necessary building materials.Among the latter is said to plywood or chipboard, bolts, screws and Screwdrivers, nails, thick cardboard.When designing a house on paper, do not forget that it has to lean a wall or roof.In the first case, you can do two or three-storey building, in the second there can be only one layer.By distributing the room in such a house, keep it simple layout.The construction can be three storeys, with a total height of one meter.The first level is divided into a kitchen and dining area.The second big part of the area reserved for the living room and arrange on a smaller cabinet.The third floor will occupy the bedroom and bathroom.It is also important, producing the construction of the house, take into account the parameters of the toys that will live there.Therefore, if it is a house for Barbie dolls, it is appropriate to divide it into two floors only, and the overall height slightly increase.Also select the length of the bed and the couch, the width of seats, and so on.Smaller "sweeties" will be able to stay in closer areas.

Puppet housing on wheels

Any baby would be immensely pleased dollhouse, which is not only divided into rooms and has inside furniture.Such an element as wheels that allow to move it throughout the apartment building, will be the real reason for delight.It is important to only select the appropriate parameters for these components to the weight of the main structure and toys that will be in it, do not deform them.If you own a house built of plywood, it is ideally suited for it wheels from an old cot (can be taken from the Soviet, if you have survived this).Similarly, durable and reliable will keep the wheels of office chairs, from home furnishings, from small trucks.Dolls and toys in the house, the furniture and walls will not cause damage to these components, because they are designed for much more weight.

Construct dollhouse quickly

If you know that your daughter is restless, and all the lights in her hands and breaks may need to do it for such a complex structure is not.Therefore replace the three-storey house of the DSP can be at home for cardboard dolls, which quickly built, easily restored and transformed in the twinkling of an eye.In this project, we also can not do without the basics, and it will act as a box from under the shoe, technology or something similar.If you take a large capacity, then divide it into different rooms.Small boxes can be glued together, thus forming the living rooms for pupae and igrushechek.This cabin can be placed on a wall by attaching it to the box with adhesive.

Educational games for girls

House for dolls - that toy with which a girl learns to be a homemaker.Watching how your child plays with dolls, she furnishes their rooms and how often removed in the house, you can adjust a further plan of her upbringing.Perhaps the baby will have to explain how to keep the home that we must do and what not.Do not forget to give her a tiny accessories that can be placed in the house for additional comfort.These may be toy household items, small fluorescent lamps and interior details, and even such things as combs for dolls, mirrors and personal hygiene items.