Earthquakes - Dream Interpretation: interpretation of dreams

dreams can warn about the various important events in human life.They can be both positive and negative.Cataclysms and earthquakes dream book interprets as an omen of social upheaval and personal troubles.

English sonnik

If dreamed that the earth shakes, the dream may portend a lot of troubles.He promises great losses in business and heavy personal losses, such as the rupture of family relationships, death, love, big heart and an end to the suffering of happiness.The dream may also be a harbinger of wars and great social upheaval.

Earthquakes - sonnik Denise Lynn

This dream is a significant symbol of the coming changes.They can shake the foundations of all human life.However, although the unexpected and global change are destroying the foundations of life, but they give an impetus to a significant increase in the future.

Earthquakes - Jungian dream interpretation

Dreams of horrific natural disasters such as the earthquake will likely talk about the background shift ego states.Such dreams can talk about the impending change in the collective social situation.These patterns have been found in dreams Jung, who dreamed of the people before the First World War.

Earthquakes - sonnik Hasse

see or feel an earthquake in his sleep - waking to have the courage not to bend under the blows of fate.

Dreams Martin Zadek

If a man had a dream earthquake, this may be a harbinger of news or obtain a higher office.If you remove the debris and ruins, this dream foretells loss and damage.

Winter Dreams

If the dream is shaking the earth, it is a sign that the soul sleep any difficulties engendered dangerous tension.If in the near future to defuse the tension in life can happen in big trouble, or even complete collapse lifestyle.

Vedic sonnik

Dream "earthquake" suggests that the approach to the major issues of separation and bereavement in the personal sphere.It also may portend losses in business.Family relationships can be severed or death in the family will prevail unfavorable atmosphere.In short, the dream speaks of suffering and troubles in all spheres of life.

Earthquakes - dream book Wanderer

This dream portends significant changes in life, the plight of the dangers and moral crisis.

Dreams Meneghetti

image earthquakes can hide feelings of aggression, hostility, hatred, guilt, fear and hatred to all mankind.Sleep can also mean the desire of sexual satisfaction, but the fear of sex.A very important role for the interpretation of the circumstances of play, which had been in a dream, like a man behaved at this time.

Earthquakes - Dream Miller

If this dreamed a dream, it may be an omen of troubles, social unrest, riots and loss of business.

Muslim sonnik

dreamed up in a dream earthquake mean that a person will suffer misfortune, the originator of which will be the king (leader) of his country.

Dreams Grishina

If you dreamed a strong earthquake, which erases all the face of the earth, it is a harbinger of a new stage of human development.

Gypsy Dream Book: Earthquake Earthquake

says insecurity in their abilities.A person is recommended to take some steps to begin to trust yourself.