How to obtain certificates of conformity for products?

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Certification is a special procedure, which is to confirm the conformity of products with established standards.Responsible for conducting an independent organization.As a result of the examination will get a certificate of conformity for products (sample document is provided below).


In case of a successful check the seller or the manufacturer receives a certificate.It is a document that states that the service or product meets applicable safety and quality standards.The form of the certificate of conformity for products depends on whether the procedure is carried out - a voluntary or mandatory.In the first case, the form has a blue color.Yellow has a mandatory certificate of conformity for products.A sample of the documents submitted to the authorized bodies.All forms are certified and have special protection.

classification procedures

Voluntary certification is based on private initiative, suppliers, vendors or manufacturers.The aim of the procedure are the following aspects:

  1. demand for products.
  2. Competitiveness.
  3. additional advertising.

objects procedure can be any goods and services.They are checked for compliance with the various categories of standards.

mandatory procedures

It is to confirm the prescribed requirements.They, in turn, lays down the law.The purpose of this type of certification is to ensure the safety and environmental services and goods.This procedure applies only to certain objects.They are goods or services made to a special list, which was established by law.Demonstration of compliance with these objects, in this case carried out without fail.This is a necessary condition for the release for free circulation.After the procedure will be carried out, given that a certificate of conformity for products.This means that the product or service is allowed on the market.It may also be issued a declaration.This document also indicates that the product or service meets the requirements.These papers are valid throughout the country.

Document Classification

View certificate of conformity for products can vary.It depends on the category of goods, services and certain other factors.Obtaining a certificate of conformity for products takes place at an accredited federal agency.It, in turn, controls the technical regulations of the responsible authorities.They certify compliance with all the requirements of accepted standards and technical regulations, as well as treaties and established rules.

requirements of technical regulations

certificates of conformity for products manufactured goods confirm adherence to existing standards.All claims are secured by the Federal Law.It provides for the replacement of SanPiN and guests of the newly developed technical regulations.Requirements TP on which the issued certificates of conformity for products that are the responsibility of the federal agency accredited.

"voluntary" document

There certificates of conformity for products that are made to confirm the quality of the stated requirements of the product.Past standardization of goods and services can move more actively in the market sphere.Such products are more uses consumer demand.This document is able to improve the image of the manufacturer.Also, it is increasing the competitiveness of products.


is a formal document.It confirms that the supplier or manufacturer ensures conformity of their products to all the requirements.This document has its own characteristics.It is made on a sheet of A4, and not on a special form.

Exemption Letter

This special document certifies that the products should not undergo the process of mandatory certification and declaration.This letter is used in the following areas:

  1. Hygienic safety.
  2. Fire sphere.
  3. Customs.
  4. Trade.

Confirmation origin

These certificates of conformity for products are issued by the exporting country.These documents confirm the production of the goods in the stated state territory.Certificates of conformity for products of this type are required accompanying documents.

Expert opinion

These documents ensure the safety of products, which must pass the relevant procedures of hygienic and sanitary surveillance.Operating under an agreement on the accepted norms of the Customs Union.

Declaration and fire certification

These documents confirm that the product does not pose a risk of fire, subject to proper operation.The issuance of these securities is carried out only in the relevant certification bodies.They must be accredited in the MTBF.

Euro 4

is a special environmental standard.On the basis thereof controls the amount of harmful components that are in the exhaust gases.Currently, the procedure of registration of such certificates is performed only in accordance with Euro 4 and 5. The fact that the old standards are canceled automatically once introduced new.Previous class was introduced in 2010.Currently a new standard.This certification involved in the customs clearance of the imported vehicle.On the basis of the relevant certificate must be specified its environmental class.

conclusion about the content of ozone-depleting substances

This official permission.It grants the right of entry into the country of products containing ozone-depleting substances in itself.The corresponding document is being submitted to the customs authorities of the state.The conclusion drawn by an accredited laboratory.Also in this process directly involved the Federal Service for Nuclear, Technological and Environmental Supervision.All products, which contains similar substances, recorded in the corresponding list.

document on bread, pasta

It is also called "certificate of bread."This document guarantees the quality of flour and pasta.It also specifies the following regulations.In this case, the confirmation of the name, which the manufacturer has indicated in accordance with the specific product.These certificates are valid throughout the country.They need to draw up procedures for the implementation of the import and export of pasta and bakery products.The document is also required during the procurement of these products for state needs.

Resolution of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies

is a document which details explained affiliation frequency devices in accordance with a special list of goods.It contains products prohibited to import and export between the member countries of the Customs Union.Refers to the limits of the Eurasian Economic Community.The relevant paperwork involved State Commission for Radio Frequencies.

declaration due

This document confirms the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment and its safety.Certification ensures compliance with all the requirements.They, in turn, sets the Ministry of Communications of the country.Making this document, by the relevant bodies that are accredited in a special system "Communication".

Permission from Rostekhnadzor Federal Service

This document allows the use of special equipment that are involved in potentially hazardous areas.A certificate can be issued only on the complex type, a single product or a batch of technical devices.All components must necessarily be linked to certain functions.Issued only Rostekhnadzor.It confirms the safety of the use of such industrial equipment.


is a special document that guarantees the conformity assessment of all types of special equipment and vehicles appropriate standard certification system.On the basis of the passport issued to a new car.The procedure is carried out traffic police and customs authorities.

conclusion of an independent examination

This document was created for the implementation of export oversight.It is made in the procedure of export products of the country.During the examination must be received confirmation that the specific products do not contain confidential information and state secrets.Also, this product is compulsorily absent from controlled lists.In practice, there are special cases.In this situation, the examination carried out on dual purpose with the direct import of products.This is a separate category of goods.It includes products that can be used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, which are currently used exclusively for peaceful purposes.Each model must be drawing the appropriate conclusions.This involves a complete inventory and identifies all the features of products.As a result, the model should get a conclusion that is conducted by an independent identification examination.It can issue only by accredited agencies and the Federal Service of technical control.

documents on alcohol products

Certificate of Compliance for alcoholic beverages is now considered a binding document for all entrepreneurs, whose activities are related to its production, purchase or sale.This is due to the fact that now the market has increased the number of low-quality alcohol products.Check alcoholic beverages today carried out carefully enough.

Certificate of Compliance for cable products

There is a list of technical regulations vehicle.It provides general information on the group of cable products.Among the products that fall under the binding declaration, it is noted cords (with operating parameters of 50 to 1000 V AC and from 75 thousand to 1.5. VDC) wire.This group also includes various cables for power, electrical and other installations.The declaration shall be based on the scheme.Its choice depends on the type of product.In addition to visual inspection of products being tested.If the completion of testing positive results (product meets all the requirements), you receive a certificate of conformity for products.Get the document possible through the direct fulfillment of the requirements established by regulations or standards.