How to learn to drive a car from the ground up for the shortest possible time?

If you are just learning the driver's driving skills and experience fear in the first lesson, do not worry.This happens completely with anyone who sits for the first time behind the wheel of a car.And if you believe in their abilities and feel your car, its movement and speed, you will soon overcome this fear and will be a real driver.But how to learn to drive yourself from scratch?Before you start to learn the subtleties of the shift, you must master the theory.Today we look at a few aspects on which to focus those who are only going to learn the skills of a driver's driving.

knowledge of traffic rules - especially

first step on the path to success - is, of course, knowledge of the theory.Before you begin to explore the question of how to learn to drive a car from scratch, remember all the rules of the road.If you do not distinguish between signs and will not know the subtleties of the exit road situations (for example, an obstacle to the right), then, of course, so you do not become a real driver.Even though you and possess certain skills, but without the knowledge of traffic rules nowhere.Learning theory is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance.At some stage, it is even fun, so be sure to first exit learn traffic rules.

How to learn to drive a car from scratch?Leave on the circuit

Once you have mastered the theory, we can safely move on to practice.Why the circuit?Because the mere knowledge of traffic rules will not give you a chance to feel normal in a dynamic traffic.First you need to get used to at least the dimensions of the car and the circuit for this is just.Here you can learn everything you have to do will require a driving school: pulling away, the hills when the handbrake, parking, "snake" and so on.And each of these maneuvers requires knowledge of the size of the car, especially when parking.Speedway is also the advantage that there are no obstructions such as "Lexus", "Mercedes", and most importantly, that there are no pedestrians.At this stage, the main thing that you need to learn - is the size of the car.Feeling the machine itself, you will trust their actions and are not afraid to pass near the bars when parking at a distance of less than 10 centimeters.Typically, to get used to the size of the machine can be 3-5 sessions.All this you will need at least one week.But at this stage the question "how to learn to drive a car from scratch" is not yet closed.The final step is to learn to keep himself in the dense traffic.

How to learn to drive a car from scratch?Learning to ride around the city

If the classroom at the circuit you are required to apply the knowledge of traffic rules, the city streets you have to remember everything you learned earlier.Useful to both theory and practice.In fact, if you overcome the fear of the car, then riding around the city, too, would not seem daunting to you.The main thing - watch the road and other road users, especially pedestrians.After 2-3 days of this drive, you can be nominated is already a fairly busy road.

At this stage, the question of how easy it is to learn to drive, can be considered closed.