As canned apple juice from juicer?

What could be more delicious apple juice?Many people prefer to drink it fresh.But what if you do not always have the appropriate apples?The best option - is to prepare the juice for the winter.Make it at home quite real.Let's look at the simplest ways to preparations for the winter apple juice.

benefits of juice from apples

Many know how to preserve fresh apple juice, but not all aware of its benefits.Experts have established: if you eat a half cup of this drink per day, significantly improve the performance of the respiratory system.If the harvest juice, it turns out low-calorie.This drink allows you to keep a slim figure.

lot in apple juice vitamin C. Everybody knows that this component needed by the body to enhance the immune system.In addition, the beverage composition contains iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and many organic acids, including citric and malic.

Many doctors recommend regular use of apple juice from those who suffer from various diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastritis with low acidity, anemia, frequent bronchitis.It does not hurt a drink, and heavy smokers.

As already mentioned, as part of the product is available iron.This feature allows you to more effectively combat anemia, and helps to remove the stones from the kidney.It should be noted that the finished drink is very rich in pectin, which help cleanse the body of toxins.

Many used to make apple juice juicer.However, the product must be properly prepared.Otherwise, many of the beneficial components simply lose their properties.That is why it is so important to know how to preserve the apple juice from juicer.

What varieties of apples is better to choose?

to canned apple juice turned out tasty, it is necessary to choose for its preparation only ripe fruit with no signs of rotting and worm holes.But they will have a pronounced flavor.The most delicious drink is obtained from the apples, which possess the desired ratio of acid and sugar.Therefore it is necessary to choose the best variety, or at the end of mixed juices.If the drink has acidic, then it is possible to add a sugar syrup.

Do not cook canned apple juice only too acidic fruits.As a result, you get a drink with poor taste.As for mealy varieties, some of them are getting a product that is very difficult to clarify.

Since canning apple juice from juicer bit more complicated than using sokovarki, better to choose a strong and juicy fruits.These include winter varieties Grushovka, Parma, Anise, Titovka, Antonovka and others.

Cooking Juice: preparatory work

First of all, you should prepare a cover and glass jars into which you pour the juice.Tanks Wash.It is better to use warm water and baking soda.Then sterilize the jars.You can douse them with boiling water or warm in the oven at 100 ° C.Sterilized jars put upside down on a clean and dry towel.It does not give them rapidly cool.

also covers Wash and boil for 10 minutes.

Prepare apples

to canned apple juice, the recipe of which is given below, stood for a long time and does not ferment, it is necessary to prepare the fruit for processing.To do this, they should be washed thoroughly, remove from each apple core.Fruits necessarily need to be cut into slices.After that, the prepared materials can be passed through a juicer.

What to do with the juice?

Harvesting apple juice does not end there.It is also necessary to pour into banks and roll.Squeezed juice should be poured into the pan.Capacity must be filled with drink only 2/3.It will not allow juices spill at boiling on the hob.The pot should be brought up to 95 ° C.This juice should always interfere.If the beverage fruit acid used, the sugar can be added to taste.If the apples are sweet, the drink can be rolled up and so.Sugar can be added after opening the can.

add special preservatives in the juice is not worth it.After acid and sugar in the apples well replace them.When the sterilization of apple juice is completed, remove the foam and pour the resulting finished product for banks.Filled containers immediately cover with a lid and roll back key.

Every bank needs to turn rolled up and put on the neck.After that they should wrap a blanket and leave until cool.

Mix juices

Before canning apple juice from a juicer for the winter, it is worth considering that in the finished product, a concentrated drink.Such a product may bring some trouble to those who have problems with the digestive system.Therefore, it is diluted or cooking, for example, with the juice of zucchini.It should be noted that the drink is a more gentle and, of course, it will be much more useful.On three liters of juice from apples need to add only one glass of juice of zucchini.

Tips for beginners

Apples contain a lot of iron when exposed to air, this element begins to oxidize.As a result, the juice resulting from pressing through the juicer may become dark.To avoid this, the product is pressed to add a bit of citric acid, but not too much.The best option - a lemon juice.It operates more smoothly and quickly mixed.

All pomace can be repeatedly passed through a juicer.To get a drink, it is necessary to add 10% of water by weight of the recycled materials.Thus, if there were 2 kilograms pomace, then they need to add 200 milliliters of fluid, the temperature of which should be between 75 to 80 ° C.All thoroughly mixed and infused for three hours.After that, you can skip the raw material through a juicer.This juice can be used for making jam, marmalade or jam.

How to make apple juice without the juicer?

If not juicer, the juice can be prepared using a conventional grinder.Harvesting of apple juice in this way is a time-consuming process.First of all, the fruit must be completely peel and core.

prepared apples need to mince.As a result, you should get a homogeneous mass.It needs to be put on the portions of thick cloth or on a gauze, folded in several layers.Apple juice is squeezed by hand into the bowl.The drink should be boiled, pour into glass jars and roll key.Natural juice of apples ready.

cooking tips

natural juice to drink prepared by this method is not quickly darkened and acquired an unpleasant aftertaste, is to use a meat grinder and utensils made of stainless steel or enamel.This little trick allows you to make apple juice at home even more tasty and healthy.After all, it is saved much more useful components.

In conclusion

Now you know how to preserve the apple juice from juicer.By following all the tips, you can make blanks for the winter.This drink can get a tasty shop.The main thing - to choose the right sort of apples and calculate the necessary amount of sugar.