Who is the founder of Google?

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founder of Google - Sergey Brin - who was born in Moscow the twenty-first August 1973.His father, Mikhail Izrailevich worked at the Moscow Institute of Mathematical Economics, and his mother - Eugenia Brin - worked as an engineer in one of the capital's Research Institute.Due to the anti-Semitic moods that flourished in the scientific community of the former Soviet Union, the family was forced to emigrate to the United States.There Brin's father began working at the University of Maryland, and my mother - in NASA.

future Google founder graduated from elementary school in the small town of Adelphi.Secondary education he got in another city - Greenbelt.My father noticed a tendency of young Brin to mathematical sciences and in the age of nine gave him the first personal computer.After graduating from high school the founder of Google Sergey Brin became a student of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Maryland (1990).In 1993, he received a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science.

After training at the University of Sergei gets a scholarship from the National Science Foundation.In the same year he tries to enter the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was denied.However, the future founder of Google did not give up and continued his studies at Stanford University, where two years later received a master's degree and continued his scientific career.
While writing his doctoral dissertation Sergey Brin met with Larry Page.Future founders of Google became fast friends on the basis of common interests, one of which was the problem of finding, organizing and presenting information on the web, as well as the principle of the search engines.Young people began to work together on these issues.As a result, Breen has developed algorithms for the reference weight and ranking Paige traced the concept of a network search.Sell ‚Äč‚Äčlatest foundations and principles of device search, scientists could not.So they decided on their own to implement their own development.So, in September 1997 it was registered the domain name of "google.com", and was laid starting a new company.

its first data center Google placed in a rented garage.Invested ambitious project of friends, acquaintances and relatives of the founders of the company.In 1998, the founder of Google Sergey Brin officially registered to Google.In the same year it was published joint work, which describes the basic principles of the new engine, the search engine.Even today, this work is considered one of the most deeply revealing this topic.

Strong performance results helped to popularize the new system.In 1999 the company began to attract large investors.The founder of Google pointed out that the main advantage of its search engine is the search for high-quality orientation, not on advertising.It came up with Sergey company's credo: "Do not have evil intentions!"Initially, his project was not intended as a commercial.Nevertheless, the system that regulates the selection of advertising in accordance with the result of the request, began to bring more than a decent income.In 2001, the founder of Google Sergey Brin was appointed president of the company on technology issues.

Currently, Google is not only the most popular search engine, but also an innovator in the field of technology and business.