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question relationship managers and subordinates is always important.The effectiveness of this or that work largely depending on how the authorities manage its staff.Why the head of need to obey?This man has real authority, disobedience can lead to the fact that the employee will be laid off rebellious.But can you build everything just intimidation?The fact is that the good image of the head provide him credibility with subordinates.This truth has long been proved.

Formation of image of the head does not occur immediately, but gradually and under the influence of a number of different circumstances.Very good if people in leadership positions, knows how to present yourself.

Image manager

people management process should be built on the authority of the manager.It is unlikely that anyone would seriously apply to the person who gave it the team says vaguely, stammers, not looking into the eyes, and the floor and so on.Of course, in most cases, orders will be carried out, but this team leader for what will not work, rolling up his sleeves.

image of a modern leader is very important.And what is the image of all?This term refers to the transmitted image of the person.It is about how we are reflected in the minds of others.

image of the head, in principle, like any other human being, begins with clothes.On clothes, unfortunately, not only met ... Business man can not admit that his clothes were rumpled and dirty.The ability to take care of yourself says a lot.Business style - a good thing, but still today, many are trying to give him.Within the working groups is very often seen poluneformalnoe communication.No matter expensive suit on the head or a motley shirt - everything must always be in perfect condition.

Regarding clothes also worth mentioning that on the status of the person say things are not as expensive as those for which it is necessary to constantly monitor.For example, shoes.No self-respecting head of the working day begins, not rubbed them to shine.

What else is included in the image of the head?Of course, posture.In no case can not be a slouch.Stoop is a measure of uncertainty.Do not believe me?Imagine yourself in some awkward or dangerous situation.Note, in this case your shoulders tightened.Hold the posture, we show the world that not afraid of anything, which means that we need to listen to and respect.

important thing, says leader.It is necessary to be able to play with his voice, focuses on the important places to be able to convey information.Break on a scream and berate his subordinates in most cases is simply silly.Head without raising voices should explain why and who is wrong.You need to know one trick: you want to be heard - start talking a semitone lower.

image of the head - it is something really difficult.Anyone who wants to learn how to manage people, should be the inspiration, the creator of ideas.You should always be a few steps ahead of his subordinates.The ability to look at the situation on the part of not only helps to properly assess, but calculate it.After selecting the strategy, it is necessary to believe in it yourself, and then make her believe all the others.

image of the head consists of many elements that are somehow related to each other.The leader must be a man of versatile.He should know how to speak on topics that do not relate to work carried out by the team.Learn to give good advice, you will go far.You will be perceived not as a boss but as a prudent man, proper, generous.