Who are optimistic or pessimistic win?

The short answer to the question: "Who are the optimists?", It is something like this happens - those who see the crosses even the pros.The word "optimism" comes from the Latin "Optimus" - the best and involves a positive, trusting relationship to the world.

optimism is attributed as the mode of existence of followers of the Christian religion, where despondency that can be associated with pessimism, it is considered a mortal sin.And perhaps it is no coincidence, sincerecently appeared theory linking lifetime achievement, and even the health of a person with the prevailing mood.For example, people get acquainted with the psychosomatic prerequisites diseases or the teachings of Louise Hay, begin to better understand who are the optimists.So we call people who do not condemn, does not envy, accept any point of view, does not impose itself and enjoys every minute of life.Such a position can in some cases get rid of diseases caused primarily the nervous system.

On the other hand, modern research has shown that the installation of that failure tolerated better if prepared for the worst, is not justified.Scientific research conducted at the University of Seattle, showed that the pessimistic does not reduce negative emotions after a series of bad events.Who are optimistic at this point?Today, there is evidence that a positive goal setting sets the whole body to achieve the desired result.A case where during the war in a concentration camp is one of the prisoners, is a specialist in psychology, helped others to present themselves at the beach under strong sunshine instead of the barracks, which increased their resistance to cold - and some not freeze.

But the most important thing here - do not burn out, becauseextremely pronounced pessimists and optimists - is extreme.You can try to artificially develop "positive", which will be violence against its nature, sincea positive approach to life suggests that some event brings genuine joy.It is best to be optimistic realist, which will not look at the world through "rose-colored glasses."

Who are the optimists?Perhaps those pessimists who, because of various reasons to learn the skills of optimism (in Selingmanu).To do this, a little bit.First, to ascribe success to themselves, their efforts will, and not the circumstances and the will of others.Secondly, I believe that anything can happen anywhere and at any time, not only by the will of luck in a particular place and that it will never happen again.Third, to comply with certain daily living, including to carry out the following recommendations:

- Set a definite goals and achieve them;

- look at the problem from different points of view;

- listen to music, walk in nature, relax for 20 minutes a day;

- surprised and amaze;

- periodically completely change the image;

- experience the world through all the senses;

- start the day with a pleasant view of the thing and with good thoughts and prayers;

- Exercise and work, even if it does not bring any money.Most of the masterpieces of world culture just shows the mood of the artists;

- read stories and remember the pleasant moments of life.

If you do not know who you are - an optimist, pessimist, realist - it is possible to take the test, which is full of the Internet.They will help to reveal the basic features of nature and help determine the direction of work on oneself.