How not to be afraid to fight?

immediately understand is that fear is nothing reprehensible.This is a normal feeling which is peculiar to any person.Therefore, it should not be ashamed of.Most importantly, do not just get into a fight.It is worth to begin to try to avoid it by all means.And do not assume that in this case you pass for a coward.The first is to take care of their health, rather than someone else's opinion.But if it is impossible to avoid, it is necessary to seek a solution to the question of how not to be afraid to fight.

The first thing to adequately assess all occurring situations: how many opponents, what their data.If the forces are unequal, the fight likely will not be: you just try to beat.In this case, you can try to run away or call for help.It should express themselves with inadequate hand: you can swing your arms, jump, yell, etc.In this case, the likelihood that the enemy hesitate, greatly increased.Besides it is possible to attract attention of people.And this is what you need.

Hardly who turns out not to be afraid to fight.But the main point is that fear is only the beginning.Eventually confidence increases significantly.And it's not just a fight.Basically, a person is afraid of what he was doing too rarely or never did.To resolve the question of how not to be afraid to fight, it is necessary to enroll in any sports section.For example, in a section of the Thai boxing or kickboxing.In this case, using the sparring can build confidence in their abilities.And the greater the confidence, the weaker will be the fear of the fight.

If possible enroll in the sports section there, you can buy a pair of boxing gloves, and seek help from a friend, who will act as a sparring partner.And if this does not work, you can always find someone who wants to fight, and to increase their confidence by using it.It is possible to agree in advance that the fight will take place in the gloves.Subsequently, when the question of how not to be afraid to fight, will have almost solved, the need for gloves disappear.

If the case has already come to blows, you should not hurry and strike first.Let it makes your opponent.During the fight is to use all your strength, and to remember the most unpleasant moments that you have ever occurred.They can cause aggression in which the fear will disappear by itself.Remember, to deal with the question of how not to be afraid to fight, you should forget about the existence not only of fear, he and others.It is easy to descend on the enemy with all his anger, with all the ardor and aggression.

If you're constantly telling myself, "I'm afraid to fight," that a positive outcome can be no hope.With this phrase, you need to leave as soon as possible, as it can reduce the confidence and capabilities.A fight requires full control and high confidence.Therefore, fight with their complexes, and then nothing can frighten you!