Nominal value: the name of Dima

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Each name has its own significance.Name Dima - a diminutive of Dmitry.And it happened from the Greek "demetriss", which means "belonging to Demeter", the goddess of fertility and the earth.What is the name Dima?The mystery of the name is always interesting, so do not be superfluous to plunge into history.About Dmitry composed even sayings!For example: "Before Dmytro clever girl, and after Dmitro even trickier."The same name has been linked to the Parent Saturday when commemorate the dead.

Dima - the name is the boys are having a very poor health.As a child, they often get sick, bad shifting fever.Externally, Dima is very similar to her mother.He likes to talk to different abstract themes, and loves to argue.Not that he is in great need, but if he has to defend his mind, he will not listen to anyone, even if it is wrong.Dima is very uncompromising, he is constantly insisted.However, communication with that person is not only difficult - it is also interesting.Friends will soon get used to its qualities - stubbornness and obstinacy, and only laugh.

characteristic values?Name Dima is endowed with many of them.The man - a very tough and irascible, he could easily explode.With it hard to communicate.Dima persistent, intelligent and inventive, is not afraid of work and a lot of work.Colleagues appreciate in this man worthy of sociability and ability to experience any setbacks.As a result - Dmitry moving up the career ladder, especially abounding in professions where you need to communicate with people.

man named Dmitri loves comfort, warmth, beautiful women, and other pleasures.As for the basic values ​​- the name of Dima are those people who do not love themselves in something limited.Sometimes others see it as selfish.If Dmitri would bind their lives with a woman, the only one that will provide him with all the fun.It should be noted that in the mountains, camping with Dmitry call useless.Koster, blanket, tent, all kinds of gnats and a cup of hot tea - it's not for him.He needs comfort - and it is expensive restaurants and a comfortable wide bed.Dima - name it belongs to the bold, charming and sometimes cruel man.If he's spoiling for a fight, do not think about the possible consequences, for which he often is punished by fate.

would like to mention some other interesting values: name Dima has them fully.He is very susceptible persons.Its so can capture a new sense of what it is without any remorse break their previous relationships and start new ones.However, even if this person is remarried, to her child from a previous, he will bind very strongly.He will take care of the children until the end of his days.

wife will have to accept the fact that her husband - a curmudgeon.Dmitry mom enjoys great prestige.And still some remaining value: the name of Dima are people who experience mild jealousy and is not averse to a drink (without fanaticism).Excellent relations with Dmitry turn out to Anna, Lily, Natalia, Lesya and Jana.However, Victoria, Agnes, Marina, Julia and Sophia he did not shine - those names are incompatible.