Automatic ventilating greenhouses - a simple mechanism to facilitate life

greenhouses to truckers - no longer a luxury but a necessity, especially for those who live in the northern regions and zones of risk farming.Some fans grow vegetables and flowers are already happy owners of it, there was only going to buy or build their own.

people living in the city and come to the country only on weekends, it is difficult to control the temperature in the greenhouse.Furthermore, for optimum plant growth, it is necessary to eliminate the greenhouse effect, which arises in the greenhouse after watering exposed to elevated temperatures.To cope with this help ventilation, which also reduces the likelihood of diseases of plants and prevents the growth of pests.

Convenient and practical to install the machine to ventilate greenhouses.It consists of a mechanism for opening the vents with increasing temperature in the greenhouse, above 25 degrees, and closing when the temperature is lowered to 16 degrees.

Machine ventilate greenhouses operates without electricity or batteries.The mechanism based on the principle of expansion fluid in termotsilindre and pushes the piston when heated.With decreasing temperature, the fluid is compressed, as a consequence, the piston is lowered, closing the window.As a working fluid, usually oil is used.

Automatic airing of greenhouses suitable for any design.Set it easy.But we should not forget about some points.Termotsilindr must cover sunscreen, so that it is heated by the air in a greenhouse, rather than from sunlight.Desirable additional safety tape, attached to the window, to protect from the wind.To set up this mechanism, it is necessary to wait for the establishment of the temperature in the greenhouse at 25 degrees, and only then screw the special nut on the end of the cylinder.

If you have the desire and ability, you can make your own machine to ventilate greenhouses.For example, two meters of metal pipe, shock absorber from the back door of the Zhiguli (fit and broken) and waste oil.

Currently, the most popular and practical is the greenhouse polycarbonate, which has a number of advantages over glass.It creates favorable conditions for plants.Missing sunlight refracts them from different angles, ieplants get coverage from different angles.

Polycarbonate for greenhouses is much lighter than glass.It is impact resistant, fireproof, resistant to UV and extreme weatherability.This polymer material - an excellent sound and thermal insulator.When drilling does not break down easily rolled into rolls and, importantly, much cheaper than other materials.Greenhouses Polycarbonate is easier to transport and install.They do not fog up, do not change color, can withstand wind, hail and snow thickness.Will last for many years without changing its properties.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with a gun for ventilation - the right solution to the table on a regular basis were fresh vegetables, and flowers were beautiful vases.