Yellow watermelon - useful melon

Watermelons are loved by almost all.At the word "watermelon" to most people seems a slice of watermelon with red juicy flesh, seeds and dark green rind.However, breeders have derived many varieties of melons, which differ according to different parameters: the color of the flesh, taste, color, crust, thick crust, the shape of the fetus and others.

Watermelon - melon is an annual plant of the family Cucurbitaceae.It is believed that watermelon - a berry, but in reality the fruit of watermelon - melon, similar in structure to the berry.The shape of the fruit of the watermelon can be spherical, oval, flattened, and even cubic.The color of the bark of watermelon can be from white to dark green, bark paintings - in the form of strips, grid spots.The flesh is pink watermelon, raspberry, red, white, yellow.Watermelons are 90% water.

Today watermelon can be purchased at any time of year.Even in winter, the sale are both ordinary and yellow watermelons imported from Thailand.By the way, the color of the watermelon in Thailand in special honor, because, according to Thai belief, the yellow color brings good luck and attract money.

Yellow watermelon is the result of interbreeding of wild watermelon, having yellow flesh, with the ordinary.By comparison with the red and it has a sweet taste of honey.The yellow watermelon seeds is much smaller than in the red.

Sometimes there is a yellow watermelon with no seeds.Seeds in yellow watermelon, of course, there are just some varieties they ripen much later, and the fetus while still small and soft.

In Russia, both home and abroad, engaged in breeding watermelon.In Astrakhan, the variety was bred yellow watermelons, called "Moon."Creator of this variety is Sergei Sokolov, who has spent his removal for more than 10 years.Yellow watermelon "Moon" is very sweet, has an interesting taste.Some believe that the variety has the flavor of mango, while others are inclined to believe that the lemon.The variety "Moon" - tonkokory, cork underdeveloped.From the point of view of the consumer is good, but problems with the transportation of watermelons, requires special tools.

recent times yellow watermelons began to grow in the Kuban.Kuban experimenter Lihosenko Igor became known for the yellow cube-shaped watermelons.When growing watermelons Lihosenko puts them in a special glass forms.Marvelous melons melon growers trying to attract the attention of tourists on the Black Sea coast, it is possible.

Yellow watermelon is not less useful than red.It contains vitamins and minerals.The pulp has a watermelon glucose, fructose, carotene, dietary fiber, vitamin C, B1, PP, B2, folic acid, potassium, sodium, magnesium.The use of yellow watermelon good for the cardiovascular system and the endocrine glands.Fiber contained in watermelons, improves bowel, helps to eliminate cholesterol.Watermelon - a great diuretic, helps eliminate edema.They are recommended to use in many diseases: gout, gastritis, arthritis, obesity and others.

choose a quality watermelon yellow snap.He must not weigh more than 5 kg, the crust should have a bright color, with pressure must remain a fingernail scratch.For the rest, the same principles as in the choice of red watermelon.

Yellow watermelon usually consumed fresh.Furthermore, such can be prepared watermelons unusual dishes.For example, roasted watermelon protein batter or drink "Margarita".