What kind of flowers to plant seedlings in February (photo)

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Many gardeners are interested in the question of what kind of flowers to plant seedlings in February.Experts agree that this month - the most favorable time for sowing plants such as alyssum, petunias, pansies, calendula.Some of them are excellent honey plant for bees.In order to obtain early-flowering plants, it is recommended to plant daisies.In addition to these, there are weather-resistant varieties of central Russia.This article will look at what kind of flowers to plant seedlings in February (with photo).

Terms seedling flowers

In order to get in May, the young seedlings, seeds should be planted in early February.The soil is made independently or purchased in a specialty store.In the first case, the soil required to be disinfected in the microwave or steamed.The calcination is carried out in advance.For small seedling only suitable substrate.To improve the quality of soil is additionally used vertikulit or perlite.These minerals saturated soil air, maintaining moisture permeability.After sowing should not forget to sign the varieties and plant names and the date of sowing.

What kind of flowers to plant seedlings in February?The most successful varieties are - annuals, which have a large variety of colors.Consider a few of them.


beautiful plants, characterized in that looks great on the beds.For those who are tormented by the question what the February flower seedlings should be prepared, the seeds of snapdragons would be the best option.They were seeded on the soil and covered at the top with a glass or film.Germinated seeds of snapdragons in a well lit area, isolated from direct sunlight at a temperature of from fifteen to twenty degrees Celsius.Seedling emergence takes place on the eighth - twelfth day, however, their growth will be a long one.It is to be patient and not rush to sparring.This procedure is recommended prodelyvat only a month.Rooting the remaining seedlings occur for seven - ten days.After the specified time allowed their special dressing fertilizers.

snapdragon is renowned for its qualities: resistance to cold, light-loving and drought.That is why it is included in the February flower seedlings.What better suited for a particular plant beds, of course, it depends on the taste of the gardener.Many choose snapdragons, which pleases abundant flowering in the period from the beginning of July to the most frosts.

What flower crops sown seedlings in February yet?Many florists admire the beautiful plant - Verbena hybrid.

luxurious choice for registration of country cottages or houses

Verbena hybrid is the perfect annuals, which in the old manor decorated each.To obtain a good sprout flowers, sow seedlings in February, the plant should be in light soil.It includes turf ground, well-weathered proizvestkovanny peat, as well as a large river sand wash.The ratio of the above components is taken in certain proportions.Three parts of humus mixed with one part peat, and 0.5 parts of sand.As an alternative to this substrate can be used ground ready for planting flowers.Sowing of winter moved in a greenhouse or a room dwelling where it is necessary to maintain the temperature of eighteen to twenty degrees Celsius.Seedlings appear in ten - twenty days.Given that this is a protracted process, it is recommended to stimulate the seeds of special preparation.Designed to cope with this role humate, which is only used according to instructions.Watering seedlings carried out sparingly, it should be remembered that the young seedlings are very sensitive to the overflow of the soil.Water the soil only when drying the top layer.After the seedlings get stronger, make the pick, followed by the gradual hardening.The positive qualities of this wonderful plant as verbena, can be attributed to cold, drought resistance.

Plants for central Russia

course, plenty of material available, which helps to determine the choice of seeds for growing seedlings.But the information is a reference, and the final selection of the novice gardener should be based on the features of the climate in a particular area, as well as the composition of the soil.In this issue, you can use long-term experience of neighbors to testify.If the south of our country thrive almost all types of plants, in the middle lane should choose cold-resistant varieties.These include Gaillardia bristlecone.

Bright flower long

For those who planted Gaillardia, already there is no question what flowers to plant seedlings in February.The beautifully colored inflorescences, which are allocated petaloid outer flowers, attract the eye, forcing admire its beauty.In the south of the country, this plant is known as Pana daisy.

sowing larger seeds produce Gaillardia four in number - five pieces in a single container.Seedling emergence takes place twelve - fifteen days.After picking ready seedlings gradually hardened.After the last frost in May can be done by planting seedlings in open ground.In carrying out this procedure, it is worth remembering that Gaillardia encouraged good growth and abundant flowering only when the dry loose soil in a sunny site.

What kind of flowers to plant seedlings in February?In the experience of many gardeners, it is a good choice clove garden.

Luxury perennial garden

Cloves are a variety of grades, which are characterized by few-flowered inflorescences.Since the emergence of the buds of this plant occurs late sowing is carried out in early February.The material is decomposed by the grooves, the depth of which is three millimeters.Top seeds calcined sprinkled with fine sand.Saucer sprouts from future turns plastic bag which will help retain moisture.It is also necessary to make pritenenie through overlapping newspaper.After the first shoots are removed and the paper bag, and the room temperature is maintained in the range of eighteen to twenty degrees Celsius.It is important at this time to provide abundant light, so when his lack of seedlings dosvechivaetsya with special fitolamp.

If someone has not yet decided what the best flowers in February seedlings, it is recommended to pay attention to autumn helenium.

Gorgeous plants adapted to changing environmental conditions

order to sow helenium should get a small box or bowl.They planted the seed, and then have to wait three weeks before emergence.Fledgling seedlings dive on individual pots.Growth should continue at a temperature of from fifteen to eighteen degrees, do not forget about good lighting.End of April - beginning of May is the best time for planting in open ground.Helenium is winter-hardy perennials, which pleases every year more abundant flowering.Perfectly feels this green resident in open sunny location where the soil is well drained.

Photophilous plant

For fans of such plants as delphinium hybrid, the question, what kind of flowers to plant seedlings in February, is not relevant.Beautiful name combines different shapes and varieties.

seeds sown in a box or container with the lid closed and then buried in the snow.Early spring shoots appear that dive.On the occurrence of phase two or three leaves of plants are planted to a permanent place.When growing delphinium hybrid should be aware of its needs abundant light.This plant is perfectly feels on loamy fertile soil, which has a neutral reaction.Delphinium not tolerate excessive moisture of the soil, so water it in a moderate mode.Regular feeding will ensure abundant flowering.

For those who wondered what flowers to plant seedlings in February, there is a large amount of material from a photo.Among all the abundance of information is evident modest beauty bellflower.

unpretentious winter hardy flower

In mid-February, the seeds of the plants are covered with earth, which consists of the following components: a substrate turf ground, humus, sand.Their ratio is 1: 1: 0.5.For those who are not able to make their own substrate, it is recommended to buy a ready primer for flower seedlings.After that, the box with the seeds placed in a location with ample lighting.Room temperature is maintained in the range of sixteen to twenty degrees Celsius.Seedling emergence begins in 18-25 days.Hardened seedlings are planted to a permanent place in mid-May.For bellflower suitable for both sunny area and the shadow.The only prerequisite for normal growth and abundant flowering is well drained, non-acidic, moderately moist soil.In dry weather should make regular watering with water and mineral fertilizer.To prolong flowering, withered shoots are cut off.


Many florists will love this perennial for its elegant appearance.In the period from May to September workaholic pleases continuous flowering of its owner.

Seeding produced in February by putting some seeds on the surface soil.Top box is covered by means of a glass or film.Two to three weeks before emergence is important to maintain the room temperature from ten to fifteen degrees Celsius.A month after the sowing of the seed seedlings transplanted into pots larger volume, and from mid-April under good weather conditions it is moved to the open air.It is important to ensure that young plants good lighting and protection from the wind.


order in May to make the landing of this beautiful plant in the ground, it is necessary in February to plant its seeds for seedlings, as from the moment of seed germination to the formation of the first buds runs for five months.You just need to put the seeds in the ground, then cover with glass or a transparent plastic bag.With good lighting and temperature in the range of fifteen to twenty degrees Celsius in 10-15 days appear shoots.A month later, the young plants begin to dive and feed fertilizer complex.

Due to the fact that lobelia is a cold-hardy plant, it is perfectly suitable for growing in central Russia.It feels great this flower on a loose light soil, but can not tolerate excess organic fertilizer.

Thus, in this article we looked at what flowers to plant seedlings in February (with photo).Get young plants are mainly planted in open ground in the second half of May.