Regions of Italy.

Italy ... Country World attractions, fashion industry, a splendid vacation and colorful cuisine.The country is located in the Apennine peninsula, it also owns the islands of Sardinia and Sicily.Italy is washed by four seas, rich in mountain ranges and sandy beaches.It's hard to resist the temptation and not even once to visit the country's natural and cultural wealth.By the way, it would be nice to buy before traveling Russian-Italian phrasebook.Unfortunately, the locals barely understand English.Kohl bags collected - go on an unforgettable journey.

Italian Regions are unique and diverse.Each of them (and there are of the order of 20!) Is divided into provinces, which in turn are divided into municipalities.

visiting different regions, travelers are convinced of the uniqueness of the local culture, customs, cuisine, architecture and the natural landscape.One gets the impression that it was possible to visit as many as 20 countries - Italy is so multifaceted.Plan a trip only one region - hence depri

ve yourself of the exclusive pleasure to get "more for the same money."

describe all regions of Italy in a small review impossible.However, note the most important, beautiful and popular - so send little confused traveler in this exciting side of the first acquaintance with the country.It is necessary to remember that the wine regions of Italy coincide with administrative areas.And talk about Italian wines can be aspirated with a light - aged, full-bodied, spicy, tart.Each region is famous for its varieties and preparation methods.But more on that below.

In the central part of Italy is Tuscany.This region is known for its breathtaking mountain scenery and wild, medieval castles and other unique architectural monuments.Here I was born Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, as well as ... the Italian Renaissance!The cultural capital of Tuscany is Florence - a city-museum.From the culinary delights you should definitely try ┬źbistecca fiorentina┬╗, a local sommelier will suggest wines from Sangiovese grapes.Tuscan wines deserved determine the prestige of Italian wine.

Remembering the Italian regions, to determine the best is almost impossible.... Piedmont region, situated among the Alps.The region is famous for its ski resorts, amazing natural scenery, wonderful wines from grapes "Nebbiolo" and "Burberry", an abundance of cheeses.

Veneto ... picturesque, bright, colorful region of Italy, whose capital is Venice - a city of great beauty and romance.Lombardy ... "Fashion" region of the country with the highest level of quality of life.Milan - the capital of the region - the offices of the largest trading companies and financial institutions.The famous La Scala theater, the beautiful Milan Cathedral - the city will not be bored.In Lombardy excellent cook risotto and nougat, and sparkling wine lovers will be delighted by the local "Franchiokorto."

visit all regions of Italy - so culturally and spiritually rich.Abruzzo, Puglia, Calabria, Liguria, Sardinia, Umbria, Emilia Romagna ... dizzy with pleasure.Contemplation magnificent beauty of ancient and modern luxury will be the best food for the soul, hungry for experiences.The traveler will have no choice but to fall in love with all the regions of Italy.Map of the country will become a beloved photo, where every curve delightfully beautiful.