How to recognize the sentence abutment connection?

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Let's look at this type of communication as contiguity, and define how it differs from other subordinating relationships between words in a sentence.

in school curricula contiguity is defined as a combination of the words in which it is expressed it is not grammatically (change of gender, case, number), but only lexical (semantic subordination), word order and intonation: do work, start singing, go to the right, in every way harass, etc.

Communication contiguity immutable characteristic of parts of speech: the infinitive ( help solve ), adverbs ( random act ), gerunds ( sit hunched ) and invariable adjectives (such as: more, faster) .In these cases, depending on the value of the main words and expressed their relationships, communication can be strong and weak.

With a strong connection key word has the lexical and grammatical properties as a subordinate when it becomes indispensable, for example: throw learn, finish cooking, ran after etc.In other cases, a dependent word can be omitted: I

fun singing - I sang .With such parts of speech as a gerund and an adverb, usually the weak link contiguity (examples: wholesale trade, have cold food, to go faster).

If the proposal there are two immutable words, the key is to be considered as something that can consume without dependent, without violating the basic meaning of what was said.For example: Seeing it was insulting to the pain.There hurt - is the key word, painfully - dependent, because they can say: « Seeing it was a shame ", but you can not say: « Seeing that was before the pain."

This relationship is determined by the abutment intonation and word order.For comparison: He had to hold a gun at the ready.He had to hold a gun at the ready.He is forced to keep a weapon at the ready. It also often depends on the existence of only one sentence in the speech, which may include subordinate: fun are you living these days.

Argued that type of link adjacency characteristic of nouns in oblique cases, in the event that they express different circumstances described the situation: picture from the wall, vegetables from the garden, the house near the river, the road from the station, sleeping till noon etc.Such case forms may come into contact with words in different categories, and not override without running the main word: man behind the board, sitting at the console.

How to determine what type of connection between the words?

To determine what type of submission to us, you need to think: is it possible to replace this phrase dependent part?For example, as interpreted similar design: run rough - as management (cf. .: work with friends ) or abutment ( run poorly )?This above design - abutment connection, since in such cases does not require a particular case form, but assumes the existence circumstances, expressing the course of action in any way: run rough - work badly, with difficulty, sluggish.

memorize all of the above, you can easily determine the connection abutment.Yes, and the term is quite clear: borders dependent word, that is explained complements the main thing.And it, in turn, requires subordination in gender, number and case.