Drunk driving: extreme carelessness or

Drunk driving for our drivers - a burning topic.Some believe that increasing the maximum penalties for violation of traffic rules is simply vital.Others argue that it is useless, can not change anything.At the same time everyone has their arguments.

necessary to accept the fact that the number of vehicles on our roads is growing steadily.And this despite the fact that we all have regular weeping over their income, there is a large number of vehicles is clearly not an economy class.Road - this is another constant headache and motorists, and pedestrians.In the regions mostly pavement in poor condition, in many places there are no sidewalks.It turns out that the machine and people jostle on the roadway.Even all this creates a dangerous situation.But that is not enough, we also do not consider it shameful to get behind the wheel after the wine glasses.Unfortunately, the "shot of" everyone has their own.The results of our carelessness seen every day in reports of road accidents.

At this point, according to the law, drunk driving is the most serious violation of traffic rules and socially dangerous act.With these fans have to accept "liqueur glasses."The penalty for driving under the influence of divestment, until a couple of years, a fine of 5,000 rubles and corrective work.Why such a spread?Our justice is known to be the most humane in the world.We all hope to come to its senses, will be corrected.For example, such a violation in Europe unconditionally lead to the deprivation of rights for a longer period.Their return will cost at least 5,000 euros and will require re-examinations, with passion.This prospect is sobering 80% of the population, no one even resists.We have the same deprivation of rights for drunk driving frightens only the most law-abiding, others are trying to "negotiate".

If the driver was detained for drunk driving, followed by the examination procedure.The idea is to give the driver to blow into a tube.But we should remember that the breathalyzer - this is not the ultimate truth, the final conclusion only after doing a blood test.Therefore it is impossible to refuse medical examination, especially if you believe in yourself and know exactly what you are not to blame.Note that by abandoning the examination, you automatically declare drunk.You need it!There are precedents when people have not been able to prove the contrary.If intoxication proved the car is parked, the right to withdraw, shall be drawn up.Such punishment is deprivation of the rights of drunk driving, only the court may order.Before the court issued temporary driver license and vehicle.At trial studied the documents: a medical certificate, the file on the driver with his previous penalties (if any), the characterization of employment, it will play a positive role, if not previously violations.Hear witnesses.They may be the traffic police, the medical examiner if there is confidence in yourself, you can find their witnesses, witnesses who were present at registration protocol.Do not be amiss to a lawyer.

Recent amendments to article 266 of the Criminal Code stipulate that drunk driving is punishable by a fine of 10 000 rubles and disenfranchisement from 5 to 7 years.This is when a lot of extenuating circumstances, during the second detention of a fine of 50 000, and perhaps a life of deprivation, in severe cases, imprisonment.It is the passion for extreme or simple carelessness worth the money, broken lives and shattered lives.