The content of quail - profitable activity for adventurous people who dream to make a million!

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Many enterprising people have now become breeding quail.This business is very profitable, as the eggs of these birds are in great demand in the market because of its usefulness.It is also extremely useful and tasty meat that is considered relatively recently domesticated birds.

In addition, the content of quail - it is not so difficult for those who are familiar with poultry.And economically, it is even more profitable than, for example, breeding chickens.

most profitable is the keeping and breeding of quails Japanese breed.It is this kind gives the highest number of eggs a year - up to 300 pieces of a hen.Also, the Japanese quail registered the largest eggs.

compares favorably with "Japanese women" from chickens more and the fact that in captivity they begin to bolt at the age of one and a half months.Chickens also need to grow nearly half a year before the owners will give their eggs.And ostriches and all start laying eggs at two or even three years!

for the content of quail as "votes" a high percentage hatchability of young and resistance to various diseases.And more help to become a breeder quail droppings, which is an excellent fertilizer for garden plants.

However, this bird, in addition to all its advantages, has disadvantages.This is her rather low "intelligence" and timidity, and high thermophilic.Therefore, aviary, where they will dwell in these "mini-chickens", should be well heated.

In addition, care should be taken to arrange quail "bath day" at least once a week.Of course, birds wash with water and soap or shampoo is not necessary.Simply put in the cells resistant bowl with river sand or a mixture of sand and wood ash.The most convenient is the pallet with boards 8 cm. The substrate is for "bathing" should pour from 4 cm.

to the sand during the "bird baths" are not scattered around, you can cover the container with the substrate on top of a box or drawer, making pre-intheir entry into the "bath room".

Content quail also includes the observance of cleanliness in the cells.It is recommended to pour the sand floor of the enclosure or put heavy paper.Bedding should be changed daily, because litter highlights not only an unpleasant smell, but also harmful to the health of birds and gas.Yes perepёlochki and eggs are often not in the nests, and on the floor.

At least once a week from a bird cells are transplanted to other places osvodbozhdaya bird houses for the "general cleaning"."Apartments" quail need not only to be washed thoroughly with a brush, and scald.

Unlike chickens, the birds do not require perches, except a California rock.Therefore, speaking about what you want to use cages for quail, it is appropriate to note: you can use any, even those that are not only for birds but also for rodents or rabbits.

way, the quail is quite possible to maintain in city apartments, of course, if you observe the necessary hygiene.However, it should refuse to put cells on a window sill or a loggia, because prolonged exposure quails in direct sunlight causes them to rasklёvyvaniyu eggs or each other.Temperature variations also affects the health of the birds is not the best way.

Quail do not like being alone, quickly attached to each other.Therefore, do not share those already "friends" with each other, so that the birds do not Homesick.

In one cage can accommodate quite a large number of quail.For a good egg production per square meter should be placed up to 120 individuals.At 3-5 the females emit one male - this increases egg production and gives a guarantee that all the eggs are fertilized.

More content quail requires that the daily photoperiod was eighteen hours.In our area you can achieve this by making artificial lighting.It is suitable for these purposes fluorescent lamps.Few worst effect is obtained from conventional light bulbs.

should also take into account the humidity in the room where the live quail.It must be from 50 to 70 percent.If the plumage of birds becomes brittle, and often themselves quail sitting disheveled and with an open beak, then immediately wash the floor in the room, arrange the cage with a bird around the pots and buckets with water, spray water on the curtains.Thus it is possible to increase the humidity.

But do not forget: the quail does not tolerate well and humidity.Therefore it is very important not to overdo it here.

feeding quail is a little different from the correct feeding chickens.While chickens give enough food twice a day, quail require "lunch" 3-4 times a day at the same time.

cereal components Furthermore, it is vital raw proteins: cheese, minced meat or fish.Therefore, the usual bird mixed fodder should be added at the rate of protein mass of 2 grams per day per head.For easy of crushed grain mixture is added to 12 grams of protein.

not forget about vitamin supplements.Besides pharmacy vitamins are ideal for this purpose grated carrots and chopped herbs.

Like other species of birds, quail need gravel and pounded shell, you need to constantly pour into a separate bowl.You can use dried razmelchёnnuyu eggshells.