How to put a tile in the bathroom

For the past many years, ceramic tile is considered to be a fixture in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.Even the emergence of new surfacing materials could not displace the tiles into the background, it is still considered one of the most practical methods of finishing walls and floors in rooms with high humidity.

variety in shape, size and decor of the collection of ceramic tiles allow to realize the most daring design decisions, create the unique beauty and originality of the interior.Furthermore, the ceramic tile has made a bold move and surely moved beyond the kitchen, toilets and showers.Today it can be found on the floors of the hallways, balconies and even the living room, which speaks about the extreme popularity of this wonderful material.However, in this article I would like to talk about how to put the tiles in the bathroom.

On how well it will be put, depends entirely on the future appearance of the premises.Of great importance are, of course, DIY skills but also preliminary preparation of the walls and floor and off can not be reset.Also, before you put the tiles in the bathroom, you need to replace the water pipes, electrical wiring, sewage and other relevant communications.

If the walls remained oil paint, it must be carefully removed.All of the convexity on the surface to be knock down, and the walls themselves to align with plaster, preferably based on cement.Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the curves.Ceramic tiles - this is not wallpaper, is not it natyanesh.Therefore, any unevenness angles must be carefully corrected, otherwise in places suffering from extreme curvature will form unsightly gaps.That, of course, would nullify the "no" all the efforts.All the above recommendations apply to the floor.The base under the tile must be smooth, clean and dry.For better adhesion prepared walls and floor can be primed with a special compound, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Before you put the tiles on the bathroom walls, it must first be oblitsevat floor.If for some reason the first provided for wall decoration, between the bottom row of wall and floor tiles is necessary to leave a small gap.

laying floor tiles carried out in two ways: from the center to the corners (symmetrical masonry), or by the most prominent corner to the farthest corner of the (asymmetric masonry).In a suitable vessel is mixed adhesive composition according to the instruction, and then the finished solution is applied to a special floor with a notched trowel.The solution is applied do not need much, it is enough such quantity, that was enough for laying one or two tiles.Each tile is pressed into rotational motions of glue, excess solution is removed with a spatula.That the gap between tiles to obtain accurate, it is governed by special plastic crosses.

How to put the tiles on the bathroom walls?The process is similar to laying floor tiles.Facing begin with the bottom row and the most prominent corner, gradually moving up and to the far corner.Quite often it is necessary to trim tiles.Some of the old masters on this subject give very good advice.Before you put the tiles in the bathroom, a few pieces designed to trim, should be soaked in water for a couple of hours.This tile will then be much easier to cut.

quality stacked rows need to constantly monitor the building level.While the glue begins to dry up some defects placement can still be corrected.In the gaps between wall tiles and insert plastic crosses, so the seams are equal and are perfectly smooth.

Tile adhesive dries within two days.After drying adhesive tiles must be cleaned from the remnants of the solution and seal the tile joints special grout using a rubber spatula as a tool.Today, almost all sold grout colors, so pick the right shade not make much effort.