How to install xenon their own hands?

Xenon has good light output when compared with conventional halogen lamps.Such optics shines brighter than 2.5 times the standard.Besides xenon consumes much less energy and the car spends less fuel.Let the savings would be less than one percent, but it's something.Well, the main reason for the installation of such lamps, of course, is the brightness of the glow.Many motorists to purchase such instruments are wondering: Is it possible to install xenon their own hands?As practice shows, correctly install a new lamp and adjust the glow can be in garage conditions.How to do it - later in this article.

How to install xenon their own hands?

First we need to remove the old headlight from fastenings.To do this, disconnect the system: remove the battery from the negative terminal and unscrew the bolt unit optics.When we need to use long minus screwdriver to remove the two plastic retainer.Now we can only pull the spotlight from the installation nest.

followed by remove all wires to which it is connected.Most terminal is recommended to disconnect the small minus screwdriver.To do this, insert it into a small slot on the part of the wire and presses down on the edge of the handle.It should be noted that the terminal has a very fragile plastic clip, so you need to follow it carefully.

Now remove the cover lights.Most often it is attached to the 4 latches.Before you install the xenon lamp to extract native.Strongly should touch your fingers to the reflector lights, because it is not the best way affect the spread of the light beam.Also during installation xenon avoid contact surface of the reflector of aggressive substances such as gasoline and alcohol.

Before installing xenon, you need to think about the future placement of the new lamps in the spotlight.First is to take care of the wires.Since there will be a lot more (hereinafter also need to connect the ignition unit), you must do the extra hole in the back of the optics.It is best to drill at the bottom of the hull.Since the wire will not abut against the plastic wall of the lamp.To avoid damaging the plastic, use a fine drill first and then expand its needle files.Now you need to thread the wires through the hole, then insert the rubber seal.

Before installing xenon, must also mount the ignition unit.It is fixed under the lamp housing.Next, connect the remaining 4 wires, which supplies a standard lamp.We connect all the terminals according to the polarity and put in place xenon staff.

all, at this stage, the question of how to install xenon his hands, exhausted.Now we have to close the lid and mount optics back.

After a successful installation of xenon on the first sample the same steps to make the second.Remember that the new wires should not be pinched, otherwise the lamp will not operate.