Rattan canvas: ecology and beauty

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Natural materials are always in fashion.It is a proven fact.Modern look combined with environmental friendliness is appreciated not only designers, but also ordinary townsfolk.Rattan canvas - the perfect solution for finishing or coating of different surfaces.His weaving aesthetic and elegant.

Rattan, out of which this material is one of the longest plant in the world (up to two hundred meters), its homeland - the island of Indonesia.Thin rattan trunk diameter seventy-five millimeters, smooth, and he spreads a creeper.Used as the bark and the inner part of the tree used to make panels for balconies, loggias and bathrooms.

The prized rattan leaf

It has numerous advantages:

  1. manual production.Natural rattan cover handcrafted.Machining is minimal.
  2. high environmental friendliness.Material support a favorable atmosphere in the room and does not harm human health.
  3. Moisture.Coatings are not deformed by moisture.
  4. resistance.Rattan fabric can withstand high temperatures.
  5. Easy care.For cleaning you can use detergent, brushes, water or special caring formulations.

Types rattan

rattan make panels and canvases.Panel (DSP-based) can be painted in different colors, tinted and varnished.Thus they do not need additional protection.Width natural rattan rolls ranges 600-900 mm.A length of fifteen meters.If you decide to buy a rattan leaf, but do precise measurements, as the material does not come cheap.

heartwood is used for delicate networks.It was cut in the form of spaghetti.Various diameters of a noodle allow the use of rattan as decorative elements, inserts in the manufacture of furniture (chairs, dressers, wardrobes, coffee tables, headboards, chairs) and interior design.The combination of wood and rattan gives the room decorated in ethnic style, a complete and perfect form.

Artificial leaf rattan thirty meters in length.Such coatings are produced using a reinforced cord yarn, cellulose or plastic.Plastic sheet provides heat and moisture.It is white and less environmentally friendly, is not intended to cover the walls.But out of it get a great screens for radiators.

paper cover (with cellulose or Capron) is uncolored and white.The first can be tinted, painted and varnished.

Operation tips:

  • Rattan fabric cut with sharp scissors.
  • Natural varnish coating can be, if it is not colored.
  • Paper rolls water-dispersion paint or acrylic paint in 3 layers.Plastic canvas
  • not paint.
  • fasteners made using rods and screws.

rattan furniture lends airiness and lightness, while the interior - sophistication.The original invoice and the many positive qualities have led to the popularity of this material.And from contact with the tree improves mood!