The most expensive coin of the USSR, or examples of successful investments in antiques

Investing in antiques are becoming more popular, so it is not surprising that not only interested in the most expensive coin coin USSR.At the same time, many novice collectors familiar phenomenon of the 19th century when the coin is worth a few tens of rubles, and a copy of the Soviet era is estimated at several thousand dollars.Therefore, the question arises, what factors it depends on the value of the coins.

First of all it is a rarity - the likelihood of a particular coin in the market.Further afield, as the safety of the popularity (in demand among collectors) and the denomination of the coin.No less important in the formation of prices played material from which it is made.Age coins and the period of its issuance have quite an impact on the relative cost of such a collector of antiques.Often more important is the territorial factor, because the price can vary depending on the region.Now consider the most valuable coins of the USSR.

Chervonets 1925 price - 6 mln. Rubles.

Highest Price said coin is primarily triggered by its rarity.So far survived only 5 gold ducats in 1925 In addition, all of them are in museum collections.Copper ducats issued in the same year, survived and even less - 2 copies.One of them was sold in 2008 for 5 million. Rubles.The second copy was exhibited at auction in 2011 for 6 million. Rubles.However, wanting to buy it and was not.

50 kopecks.1929 price - 10 million. Rubles.

most expensive coin of the USSR, and have their champions.In 2011, during the auction, held by "Znak", more than 3 million. Dollars was sold to coin minting above test year.This amount was the highest price for a coin of Soviet origin for the past 3 years.

coins in 1947, the price - from 300 thousand. Rub.

most expensive coin of the USSR are inextricably linked to 1947.The entire series, released in the said year, is rare.The price of one such coin begins from 300 thousand. Rubles.Even the most well-known numismatists own coins in 1947 did not in the full amount.

50 kopecks.1953 price- 1 million. Rubles

Refers trial minting coins.It is still unknown, which was planned their production.Some argue that it was no more than the improvement of the design, while others bind the minting of coins in an attempt to currency reform.During the auction, arranged by "Coins and Medals", 50 cents Copper-Nickel went for 1 mln. Rubles.

1/2 kopecks.1961 price - 550 thous. Rubles

After the release of the trial versions of these coins, it became clear that it would be too expensive.Therefore, the prices of essential commodities have been rounded down, while prices of other products - in large.Currently 1961 coins preserved a maximum of 10 pieces.One of them was recently sold for 550 thousand. Rub.

buying the most expensive coin of Russia and the USSR, should be very careful, because it is very easy to come across a fake.Therefore, before purchasing you should definitely consult with an experienced numismatist.Additionally, the most expensive coin USSR typically have proof.