How to cut the thread on the tube, and that it needs to

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in life is often a situation where you need to connect two pipes.This happens when you need to replace the area in which a leak, or want to change the configuration of the water supply system, reorganize the heating system, or there is a need to connect the new devices, such as automatic boiler, washing machine, dishwasher.In each of these cases, without the question of how to cut the thread, do not.Let's try to answer it.

tools that will be required to cut the thread, simple and reliable.You may need hacksaw, file and ratchet cutter, ie the device, based on the so-called "dog", which allows for circular rotational movement relative to the tube dies without making a complete revolution with the handles around it.In most cases, such a device is necessary because usually on one side at least adjacent to the pipe wall.

When selecting a tool for pipe thread should focus not primarily on the outside of his appeal, and in the country of origin.It is better to think about how to thread than that which will make an impression on home buying.

Our friends in some countries with rapidly growing economies very quickly learned to give their products a veneer without worrying about proper quality materials of manufacture, and not always very much meticulously observing the technological discipline.The inscriptions "Made in Germany" or "... in Austria" and should not enter into temptation and error, especially if the price is a few dollars.German tool obviously very expensive, and you can write anything you want, and what you want.Therefore, it is recommended in the first place to stop on your eyes let not such brilliant, but rugged and reliable instruments in Russia.If the handle will not as long as that of imported cutters, then it should not be confused, easily increase torque, putting on her piece of pipe may have just cropped.

Now directly on how to cut the thread.By rifled tool kit attached plates marked in inches, ½ ", ¾", etc.You can choose the right eye or on top of the bar-compass measure pipe in general, it's easy.

important to observe three things:

- firstly, to remove a file from the cut edge of the chamfer of the pipe;

- secondly, to put on the front plate, the wider party, otherwise it will not go through the pipe;

- Third, use a lubricant.

lubrication requirements are not very stringent, it may be an ordinary car, "working out" any technical oil, or even just fat, unsalted better.Subject to the conditions of the latter process will work much faster and require much less effort and significantly reduces the risk of damage to the rest of the pipe undergoing torsion.

Slicing the tube should not be forgotten that the direction of rotation of the die must not only direct, but also counterproductive.Correctly threaded onto the pipe can be the only way - back and forth, in clockwise and counterclockwise, slowly moving forward.For this to be possible, on the ratchet cutter is a switch the direction of rotation.

last tip: figure out how to cut the thread, to get involved in the process itself is not necessary, is usually enough to go three or four centimeters.