How does the universe.

terms of astronomy universe is the largest object accessible to observation.In fact, it turns out that the visible space coincides with the boundary of the universe and all that is further available only for theoretical physics research.

How does the universe according to astronomers?Our Earth - is one of the planets of the solar system.Sun is in the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy - in a cloud of other galaxies.Lots of clouds of galaxies forms a structure called the Metagalaxy.Metagalaxy occupies the entire visible area of ​​the universe.Therefore, the universe consists of very rarefied interstellar gas;stars, unevenly distributed in space and forming clusters and galaxies;planets, comets, clouds of dust and other cold objects falling in a gravitational field of stars and star clusters.Here is the macrocosm.

However, the above-described approximate picture of how does the universe, is not complete.It is not considered that the apparent boundary of space there may be other objects that di

ffer from those that are observed inside.The fact that the point of view of the infinity of the universe is not entirely correct.In the universe must be some kind of boundary, albeit very distant.It should be at least of the most popular theory of how the universe was born - the Big Bang theory.

From the Big Bang theory, the universe owes its existence to the emergence of a super-dense matter, which also exploded.The explosion in the first three minutes were all the elementary particles of the universe, which were grouped into larger education.But you can still see the consequences of the explosion: the space of the universe is expanding and galaxies are scattered in all directions from each other.

logical to assume that the original substance (or energy) was to have the final volume and stay in some other space that might still exists and is abroad universe.

What is called in physics, infinity, in fact, a mathematical infinity.It occurs where the equations and theory can not describe the existing phenomenon.Therefore, it remains only to speculate about how the universe is arranged there, which may not look the most powerful telescopes and mathematical apparatus of theoretical.In particular, we can not know exactly how the universe looks the border.

Physicists believe that the answer to the question of how does the universe, should help the study of elementary particles.Experiments show that the "most basic" subatomic particles behave like bundles of energy.And besides energy nothing more.Even the space which has long been considered an independent entity, is now seen as the seat of power.But between elementary particles, such as protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus, a very large distance.Therefore, from the standpoint of the microcosm Universe looks like a power point clumps, scattered over a very large distance from each other.