Folklore: looks like the house?

In Russia it was called Brownie rare.Basically - dobrozhil breadwinner, well-wishers or grandfather susedushka.How does the house - no one knows for sure.This old man is very cautious and prefer to never show people.But some idea of ​​his appearance, of course, there are, for the most part due to the folklore.

What is the house of people's ideas

old man with a beard

say that it's pretty strong and shaggy-haired old man.He has a long beard, huge hands, palms wide.As the experience of life, we often hear it than see!He can make a noise, upsetting any household objects (such as children's toys).

According to popular notions, the house is haunting the premises at night, something constantly muttering under his breath, and sometimes sighs ... It is believed if the house facing any trouble, the old man begins to cry.If he laughs - expect happiness!

talk to you brownies?

Yes!According to legend, this grandfather can talk.Some people, despite the folk myth, claiming that in fact heard him talking.According to them, his voice - and as if muffled rustling.At the same time make out what he mutters quite real!Most often, they speak it at night to the house owners to predict any event or news.For example, one grandmother, who lives in the village, was awakened by a strange chill, he held her hand.It turned out to wake her house to say that the cow calved, but frozen baby ... Grandma rather hurried to their cattle, and the truth is - the calf, numb with cold, lying next to her mother ...

notoffend brownies!

said that the voice of house heard it from the furnace or from the darkest corner of the room.Most importantly - do not be scared!After all, it can not seriously offend the old man who no more would not talk to you.But if you do it quietly will question everything - you learn a lot!

Slavic mythology: it looks like the house

present keeper of the hearth, on presentation of the Slavic peoples and ancient legends, looks like a good-natured and rather sweet old man, which put darned coat and a straw hat.He has a long, gray beard.His favorite home - wooden hut.By the way, some people today claim that know exactly how the house looks - real, live, not a mythological or folkloric!Some say that it is a small man with large dark eyes, covered in hair, and others - it's a tiny lump stirring.

How does the house in terms of esoteric

in various exercises and treatises on esotericism our dear old man is described as a kind of energy being that does not have any particular form and not having a certain height.Some parapsychologists confirm this fact, relying on young children.After all, every child knows how the house looks, because I did not once see it!And why he sees it?Yes, because the energy field of the child is still very weak and vulnerable to the underworld.Many children of our old man described as a small ball of wool, running around the house.