Biometric passports - what is it?

Biometric passports - what is it?Many people have heard of this type of document, but not everyone knows what it is.So, this certificate confirming the identity and nationality of the person to whom it belongs.But if the definition coincides with the usual characteristic, general civil, then the essence of the biometric passport?

key differences

So, before you find out what you need to get biometric passports in Russia, is to talk about the key differences between this document from the conventional identity card.So, it contains not only the name, surname, patronymic and information on marital status and place of residence.Biometric passport price is higher than usual, different built-in chip.It kept a special biometric information.Often, this pattern of the iris, fingerprints.This information is required to provide biometric passports.What is it and what does it do?This - that determines authenticity of the document.The main difference from conventional passport.It includes the information that is made available to its owner, but it can be remotely considered.

How did the idea

Biometric passports - what is it and how they all appeared in our lives?In 2001, the US proposed to begin issuing such documents.In 2002, representatives of 188 countries signed the so-called New Orleans agreement is approved, that from now on biometrics will be the main face recognition technology for passports and visas.After the agreement was signed, the United States also said that other documents should be biometric.However, the idea was not accepted equally positive in other countries.Many believe that this is unacceptable and is similar to total control.

External differences

should talk about what external differences is the document from the Public ordinary passports.Firstly, it is allocated a special chip logo which is put on the cover.This is necessary in order to be able to identify the electronic passport.Another worth noting that the first page of the passport thicker than usual.She indicated the setting data of the citizen and, of course, is the picture - as in a normal passport.Even within the same page, there is an electronic chip containing digital pictures.It is built data entered directly into the passport.

In Russia, such documents are produced on "Gosznak."Today it produces two types of passports - all-Russian and foreign.

about the advantages

Many people are concerned about how to obtain a biometric passport.However, to get started is to talk about the benefits of the document before the usual.The main advantage lies in the fact that some border crossing points have special equipment designed to read data from the microchip embedded in the passport.This procedure significantly reduces the time entering information about the person that should cross the border through the border system.It is worth noting that in many countries where there is control of electronic passports, there are separate lanes for people traveling with biometric documents.And in fairness it should be noted that in all these moves a lot faster.

Due to the fact that all human biometric data are stored in a single document, a comparison with the passport of the person performs automatic.This has its advantages.Firstly, minimizing the likelihood of an error controller.Secondly, reducing the time of identification.All this greatly speeds up the whole process of control.

In the Russian Federation

Since 2009, the year in all regions of our country have begun their work items are issuing biometric passports.By law, they are called passport and visa documents of new generation with electronic media.From these data items are sent to the processing center and personalization.If we talk about where to get a biometric passport to travel abroad, it should be noted that these documents are issued only in those foreign institutions that have special software and hardware that are necessary for this purpose.

Beginning of 2010 (the first of March), biometric passports can obtain any desired.They are issued for ten years.Many people wonder how a biometric passport can be obtained in Russia.This new passport.Among them - the civil, service and diplomatic.In addition, it can be a seaman's license and some other documents, passports, in fact, are not.

About Data Security

The first thing that should be noted: reading range of the electronic chip is not more than ten centimeters.Second - only with the personal consent of the person to provide its own data this information can be considered.The agreement is that a citizen voluntarily brings his passport to the reader.Only after the information is recognized by the robot, formed a special code, which requires the system to restrict access.After that, the equipment installed in the checkpoint, will be able to perform a full proofreading data in the memory of the electronic chip.

In general, if a person is much to worry about maintaining the security of their data, the absolute guarantee against unlawful reader can obtain another method.And it is quite simple.To do this, buy a passport cover with a layer of foil.The principle is simple: a thin metal layer shields the perfect document from electromagnetic waves.

And in Ukraine?

Three years ago, in 2012, on October 2, Ukraine adopted a law concerning the unified state register of population.The ordinance states that the passport of a citizen of the country and a foreign document can be issued in electronic form, and then the data of the manor in the Unified State Register.That's just one of the citizens of Ukraine in no hurry to change the conventional identity cards with new ones.Biometric passports - what is it, what they do, how to get them?Many issues were puzzled Ukrainians.Only in 2015, the year on 12 January, the first few of biometric documents were obtained by the citizens of Ukraine.And the government expects that with these passports will soon all the residents will cross the borders of the Schengen area.After a visa for that will not be needed.

biometric passport (Ukraine) - how to get the coveted document?

In Russia this process is adjusted for quite some time.The receipt of the documents of the new generation is no problem.But how to get the biometric passport in any Ukrainian city?It this is not so simple, t. To. They gave them only this year.You must first apply to the division of internal affairs bodies and identify where more information.And so, to issue the document, it is necessary to carry an internal passport and an identification code with a certificate from the recruiting office (but this is only for men).Now turn to the Visa Office is very large - many people are confused as to acquire a biometric passport (Ukraine).How to get this document, after all the papers are collected and filed?This is nothing complicated.You will only need to come at his passport, when he is ready.That's only necessary to know that the manufacture of such a document spent a little more time than usual for the issue.

Document Format

want to say a few words about the pictures stored on the chip.Today the still image - a basic element for the identification of each and every citizen who makes your document.Moreover, everyone knows that it is defined by ICAO as a mandatory standard.So the memory chips of the electronic document, it must be certainly.

So this is a flat image in a format 2D, certainly color.It must comply with all the shooting conditions, pre-regulated.The facial expression - a common, neutral, ie without the facial expressions.Background must be uniform, monotonous, in any case can not be attended to in the photograph other subjects.If a person wears glasses - they must be removed, otherwise there will be reflections on the final image.

biometric passport, whose price is much higher than the average in recent years popular.To get it, the first thing you need to collect all the documents and pay a state fee.Adult (after 18 years) a passport will cost 2500 rubles.For a child (under 14) - 1200. This is 2.5 times more than the old-fashioned paper.The documents require the completed application, picture, birth certificate, old passport of the Russian Federation and overseas.In principle, nothing complicated about it.The biggest challenge - a long queue.But this obstacle is not so significant.Queues are everywhere, and we have long been accustomed to this.