Business Luck

Hello!Today the mood to write about good luck and bad luck in business.Many entrepreneurs - beginners and not so live are not so rich - their income within 50 000r per month.At the same time, when they go to work in Moscow in front of them rushing expensive Mercedes, Lexus, which are incredible money and see that people live not caring about money.Their minds are constantly raises the question - what am I doing wrong, what is my fault why so unlucky.Unequivocally to answer this question, of course, impossible, but there are a few thoughts on the subject.Why some are not spending too much energy getting amazing results, while others are laid inside out, while getting the minimum and some "disgraceful" result.

long time thinking about this question, read and gathered together all the thoughts, try today to present all their ideas.One of the most important qualities of successful people - it is their ability to be on the positive, and artistically to do business by applying in the first place not for the efforts, namely your inner energy.In this regard, much depends on what inspires the man.According to statistics, by the way, the richest people - people who in life was a big shock, and they gave up internally and do business, not because of what it inspires, and in spite of everything - and simply talk.Their goal - it does not get any benefit, or earn a lot of money, their goal - the whole world is behind them, a certain place and hatred of all things merge.

The second category of people - the people that's in my life, after all, inspiring.They are happy to spend their lives, and even become moderately rich.They are, in their own way, happy to lack in anything they do not feel.And, in fact, the only difference between these two conditional groups of people - that the first lost, that without which life can not, in general, and in any way.They lost for the sake of what it cost to die.But, unfortunately, they were still alive in the first place for themselves.And really living their spiritual world is dead.Such people are super rich, they have everything in life, but happiness will not be never.An important point - it does not break them directly after the loss, many are trying to prove to others that right, and that starts with climbing their way to the top.

There are, of course, another large group of people - it is weak and spineless people who can not fight.They all envy is pointless, because the first two groups of at least doing something to be people just give up and weaklings.This is honestly the saddest thing that can be a man.

I can give you a lot of different examples, the most striking - a delivery service ANS Express, its head has gone through a lot in his life and is a real man.

Simply put, the most important thing - is to never give up and work as much as possible!Then it will be a success and all that you can wish for the soul.The most valuable thing we can get out of life - it is today and every moment.All this is necessary to appreciate and be grateful for it, then the soul will be fine and the whole chain of events that leads to success, lined up in the correct sequence.