Employees of Russian companies attach great importance to personal marketing

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As the results of a study conducted by an international holding company Kelly Services, in Russia is becoming more and more employees are ready for a successful career to form and develop a personal brand.The main reasons are the desire of people to manage their own careers and the desire to position itself strongly in the rapidly changing labor market.

The study contains information representing the point of view of about 134 million people in 29 countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, North and South America.In Russia, the survey polled nearly 5,500 people - mostly "white-collar" of megacities, 83% of whom are under the age of 33 years.

According to the study, employees of Russian companies attach great importance to personal marketing (or branding).53% of survey participants believe that effectively form your brand help them skills of verbal communication, 48% of respondents believe that the main thing - the presence of professional knowledge, for 39% of respondents are significant skills of written communication, 37% of study participants pay special attention to their appearance,36% - on the summary data, and 24% - on the use of social networks.

Two of the three participants in the study are confident that in the future will be able to change jobs, self-driving career.However, three-quarters of respondents do not expect that their development will be financed by companies, employers, and are willing to spend their own money to improve their professional skills.

most actively willing to work to improve the qualifications of staff working in the financial sector - 86%, business services - 82%, retail - 81%.

The largest percentage (82%) of those who are willing to spend their own money on training and improving their skills, observed amongst young people not older than 29 years (Generation Y), a little less in generation X (30-47 years) - 78%.Least of all are ready to improve their own expense people aged 48-65 years - 65%.

54% of those surveyed believe representatives of Gen X ability to communicate the most important element in personal branding, and 55% of respondents aged 48-65 years, the main advantage is considered a high level of professional knowledge.Interestingly, social networks as a tool for personal branding did not receive strong support from the Generation Y - only 24% of respondents are aware of their importance.Adherents of social networking and a bit among the other age groups (23%)

Most believe that personal branding helps to effectively build their careers, people of the older generation - those 49% of study participants.

69% of respondents believe that in the future can do to influence change in his career.More confident in the Gen X - in this age group agreed with this statement 72% of respondents.

¬ęThe results show that many employees today do not want to devote themselves entirely to one career path.People tend to raise the level of knowledge to master adjacent trades to increase their value and reputation as a unique specialist in the labor market.And in the future to plan their future, have a wide range of career prospects ", - said Ekaterina Gorokhov, CEO of Kelly Services CIS.

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