Extinguishing powder.

Fire has given mankind a lot of new features.However, this element is completely tame and failed.Coming out of human control, flame fire destroys everything in its path.To extinguish fires invented a lot of installations and devices.They are based on the use of different materials.Perhaps extinguishing powder, gas, water.

basic principles of using powder extinguishing

the first time this method of fire fighting is mentioned in the late 19th century, when the German colonel put out a fire caused by using alum and charge for their spraying.In Russia, the powder fire started to develop rapidly after the creation of N. Shevtalem extinguisher filled with alum, soda bicarbonate, a small amount of land.These funds were needed for fire suppression in nuclear power plants.Extinguishing powder is applying a certain composition (powder) into the hazard area.Widely used such devices for the suppression of fire in an area that is under stress and in severe climatic conditions (low temperatures).

powder used in installations

mixture which is used for the elimination of fire, may comprise the following components: Potassium Chloride (sodium), phosphates (sulfates), ammonium carbonate or potassium bicarbonate, aluminum-containing material, alkali metal chlorides.Non-flammable base, water repellent, a depressant, anti-oxidants - these are approximate composition of the powder material to extinguish.Getting into the affected area, the components of the mixture is heated.Due to the fact that heat losses occur, the combustion zone is cooled.They also create a barrier to the further spread of the disaster.Occurs, and inhibition of chemical reactions.

classification systems for fire extinguishing powder

powder fire is made by means of special devices.Depending on how you manage such settings, they are the following types:

1. Automatic installation - fire is detected automatically transmits the appropriate signal to start the device.

2. If you start (remote), a signal is transmitted manually.

3. There are also stand-alone installation, they do not depend on food sources or from government.Depending on what the composition of the method of storage, there are installations of modular type and with the central storage.

Various modules powder extinguishing

Modules and installation, the effect of which is based on the use of various powders, suitable for almost all classes of extinguishing fires.Powder fire extinguishing module "Buran" is used for electrical equipment that is live.Its modification is recommended to use in production, warehouse, for suspended ceilings.In homes, offices, and so on. F. You can use the "Mongoose-6."Once the module powder fire applied in areas where the probability of explosions.Module "Smerch" is characterized by its speed.He is indestructible body.Not intended for suppression of organometallic compounds.The subway, ground transport is widely used setting powder fire CAP-1.They are intended to eliminate fire without people.Another versatile plant - "Titan".Used in warehouses, electrical cabinets, office and other buildings.There is a special powder extinguishing vehicle.It is equipped with a chamber for storing powder compressor unit.Also efficiently operated installation volley extinguishing powder.

What determines the effectiveness of the use of plants

considerable role in the liquidation of fire plays a reduction ratio of the mixture components.If the powder has a relatively fine particles, then its application will be ineffective.Submission to the fires difficult.Typically, fractions having a size of 40 to 80 microns.The chemical composition also has a considerable influence on the process of quenching.On the best side proven chemicals.In this case, extinguishing powder will be more effective by reducing the rate of combustion.Also, these substances prevent the spread of fire.Thermal only reduce the temperature of the mixture in the combustion region.An important factor is the effective work and the time in which the installation works.Some models to start funktsonirovaniya requires only a few seconds.The composition of the powder is often administered and adsorbents.This is a considerable advantage of them, especially if these modules are used to extinguish oil.Adsorption occurs such a liquid respectively, the fire dies.A similar effect can be achieved by introduction of the shungit.

Benefits fire extinguishing powders

extinguishing This method has several advantages.First of all, they are safe and not toxic.Extinguishing powder effectively fights with the elements.Furthermore, the earliest stage of quenching without the participation of people.Powders - a universal tool that can be applied to eliminate the combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, and for the treatment of electrical equipment and systems that are under stress.Another undoubted advantage - gentle effect on the items.Water, foam methods can inflict additional damage to material values, interior.Automatic fire extinguishing powder to preserve property rights.Also, these modules are installed and are distinguished by their performance.Starting occurs within a few seconds.Besides the cost of systems powder fire low, installation is easy to perform.Disadvantages include low penetrating power.It is also likely to be some degree of contamination of things.Not recommended Powder modules in areas with equipment that has a lot of small open spaces.