Artem - a difficult name

Artem - a name that came into Russian from Greek everyday life.Boys named in honor of the goddess Artemis, and the original name sounded like Artemije.Today, each of them has a single value.Artem same - a name that has a lot of diminutive synonyms.This Artosha and Artemka, theme Tyusha, Artemino and many other no less affectionate.As a child, these boys do not like to be in the spotlight, but not particularly shy.They just comfortable to be in the wild.If necessary, they can easily find a company, and if they are on the mood Verkhovod it.If there is no desire, they can easily succumb to the leadership of others, but this rarely happens.Leadership for them is not the main thing in his life meaning.Name Artem says that a man attaches great importance to its spiritual comfort rather than what others will say.As a child, the people named in honor of the goddess of love, love outdoor games.

Artem - means truth-seeker

Over time, growing up, boys prefer still a little stand out from the company.They become whistleblowers and try to defend their point of view at all costs.Also, these people are beginning to appreciate the authority and learn from them.But never Artem will not worship anyone or bow to a superior.Because of this and because of the excessive desire for truthfulness, young people often find themselves in a situation not very pleasant.Artem - the name of the multi-faceted, such as its carrier.Indifferent to the leadership on the one hand, they are never left in the shade and expertly managed by a team of peers.

Artem teenage

In school periods zeal occasionally replaced times "spree."The teenager, named after the Greek goddess loves girls appreciate their attention and, fascinated, can temporarily forget about studying.Artem - the name is not easy, which is manifested even in the early years of life.Men always defend their own opinion, being confident in his infallibility.In life and profession are determined with difficulty.A lot of hobbies and skills they sometimes interfere.

money, career, spiritual comfort

Besides Artem never a careerist and money for him is not important spiritual comfort.However, the poor man with the same name will not live.Artem - the name, the value of which indicates that work on other people's projects, to carry out the duties of others, this person will be with great reluctance.Perhaps he is afraid to be insolvent.However, on their own undertakings, he will be plugging away until then, until you succeed.Artem easy to talk, especially if periodically to recognize his intelligence, wisdom, and analytical skills.It is not a "walker".With all my heart trying to get a fleeting sexual pleasure, any contact, he turns into long-term relationships.The partner appreciates the understanding, support.However, after some 40 years Artem able to have sex just to quickly relieve tension.But they appreciate all the same sensual pleasure and spiritual unity.If a woman is to remain faithful to a man with the same name and will be able to understand his emotional outbursts, it can count on a long and relatively quiet marriage.Some Artemio, by nature having softly pronounced potency, for their own self-assertion can change partners.However, they are unlikely to leave his wife: men understands the difference between her and random connections.