How to rent a car in Europe

number of simple rules that should be considered when planning the car rental in Europe.

Today rent a car - it is everyday practice throughout the world, and, of course, almost every town in Europe will be found one, and possibly several points that will give tourists a car for a very reasonable price.

Nevertheless, rent a car, first of all, it means that the driver is included in the legal space of a particular country and, accordingly, takes the traffic rules in force in the territory.

In general, the attitude of the traffic regulations, critical differences in the Old World is not, except for the fact that in Cyprus and the UK left-hand traffic.However, each country has its own small features.

Rule one: age

planning to rent a car in another country, remember that driving and the right to rent a car - two different things.For example, in France the opportunity to rent a car is only available to citizens who have attained 21 years of age, and in Ireland - 25 years.Sometimes at the age of 24 require a surcharge.

In addition, the age limit may vary depending on the category of the vehicle.

second rule: the rental period.

The car can only be rented on a round the clock 24 hours.If you exceed this limit, at least for an hour in the rental price will not delay an hour, and the whole day.

For example, in a rental car, which was taken on Monday at 10 o'clock, and returned Tuesday in 11 hours, that is, for a period of 25 hours, will have to pay like 48 hours of use.Therefore it is better to return to rent a car in time, so as not to overpay for unused hours.

Of course, in small local offices, and you can agree on special conditions, however reputable distributors strictly follow the rules, and whether or not to trust those who offer "special conditions" - a private matter.

third rule: the time of return.

In the hours when the car rental operators are closed, it is impossible to rent a car.However, the client can pass the vehicle taken earlier, thanks to a special terminal located on the street in front of the office of the operator.

In this case, specify the location of the terminal and the return of the car.

Naturally, in this case, the variants with the large rental networks.

However, it should be remembered that according to the agreement concluded between the lessor and the lessee, the client is responsible for the vehicle until the opening of the office.

fourth rule: being late.

Experts advise tourists, order a rental car before arriving in the country in completing the lease indicate the number of documents the flight on which he is going to arrive.

If the customer does not pick up at the appointed time, rented a car, for example, due to flight delays, the landlord will be able to track the plane being late for his flight number and hold the car until it's time, until the client gets to the agency.

Thus, renting a car will not be lost.Flight number must be reported no later than seven days before the commencement of the lease vehicle.

In case the delay was not due to the delay of the aircraft, during working hours car rental agencies are late for postponement provided for in the lease 30 minutes.

if you miss more than half an hour the car is rented to another customer.

number Agency indicated in the coupon on rent, so it is strongly recommended to warn the operator about being late.

What is required to rent.

First of all, you need an identity card and Russian plastic law (and international).Beginners will not trust the machine.The driving experience should be one year.There are limitations in 6 months, and for expensive models - 2 years.

also need a bank card in the name of the driver, in the expensive category - 2 credit card.In small rental locations can take cash.

How profitable to rent a car.

who want to save, clearly, is to book a car in advance on the internet, fee immediately.

In addition, "Cheaper by the Dozen."The price of renting a car is inversely proportional to the time of the lease.

worth remembering that none of the office does not guarantee that it is the model that has been specified in the picture when booking - guaranteed only class of vehicle.

When renting you should pay attention.

required insurance (SDW) is usually granted automatically.However, the insurance does not apply to cases of violation of traffic rules by the driver and driving while intoxicated.

liability in cases not covered by insurance, usually ranges from 200 to 1,300 euros for the class "mini", "economy", "CD", "medium".

sure is to inspect the car before you sign the contract and compare the damage described in the document with the actual scratches and dents.Naturally, at the time the car should wait for affixing the mark on that car rented without damage and with a full tank.

Cheaper usually take the car with a full tank and return it in the same way than the "return with the remainder", as in the office of gasoline will cost considerably more expensive than the nearest gas station.Please note, to which countries you are allowed to leave.Often it prohibited to transport cars on the ferry, so when traveling from the mainland to Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily have to choose the right company.

How to choose a company.

If you do not want to "pay twice" it is better to look for a company seriously.The first rule of a good company - the ability to book and pay for all via the Internet.In addition, major companies you will be sure to familiarize yourself with all the insurances and conditions before booking a rental car.

In addition, serious company almost certainly allowed to withdraw their vehicles from the country, and take them to another place (usually within one country - free of charge).

also serious company will always offer many additional options such as child seat, navigation, roof rack for special equipment, etc.

Voronets Eugene, Denis Kireev

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