"Implosion" - this is the best pharmacy for you!

Pharmacies, for that matter, and any other medical institutions, have never been and is unlikely to ever be welcome to visit the institutions.But each of us who care about their health, visits from time to time doctors and acquires the necessary medication.

What consumers expect from the pharmacy?

Despite the fact that all pharmacies are engaged in the same activity - sale of drugs, the people of any city know that there is a pharmacy "good" and there are "bad".

good - those in which the original drugs, their cost is available, and the staff - polite and knows his stuff.The same pharmacy where drugs are no reason for 10-15% more expensive, where you have to stand in queues, while pharmacists are looking for the right medication, and where it is likely to buy a placebo instead of medicinal pills, buyers try to get round.

network pharmacies "implosion" - is an example of a "good" pharmacies, with many loyal customers throughout Russia.What are its benefits, and whether the pharmacy is so good, we will learn from this article.

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History Network

Referring to the recent past.In 1991, "implosion" was launched simultaneously on several fronts.Greatest development firm offers pharmaceutical business is because it was focused the attention of the leaders of the organization.

With a good experience in marketing research, and sales techniques, "Implosion" made the goal of creating an efficient and transparent functioning network pharmacies.Experts from the very beginning of its existence the company created several service products, which have no analogues in the Russian market, which were to support the work of the structure at a high level, attracting new customers and at the same time keeping the old ones.

Network "Implosion": management features

peculiarity data network pharmacy is not just a sale of pharmaceuticals.Manual organization from the first day of creation "Implosion" began to introduce the latest developments of control systems and quality management, leading way to offer the product to perfection.

Today, regular market research, training staff to use the software, training, sales and quality customer service.Wondering what the pharmacy is best to buy drugs, the client always remembers that "implosion" - a kind of center where not only you can buy all the necessary medicines at the affordable price, but also get a free consultation or advice from smiling, all-knowing pharmacist.

Discount system network

«implosion" - a pharmacy, which was the first in Russia has introduced a special system of discounts.Prior to the beginning of the nineties the owners of stores not too thought about customer loyalty, because most of the goods, especially imports, was in those days a deficit.The owners of shops were convinced that the excess of demand over supply will continue for years to come, but soon realized how wrong.

staff "Implosion", to adopt the best design for optimizing their activity in Western colleagues, in 1999, put into practice a special discount system.Thanks to her, you can not only manage the loyalty of its customers, but also to create efficient supplies of goods and improve the trade and exhibition events.

«implosion" - a profitable, high quality and fast!

What do you expect from any point of sale when you visit it?

first - quality.You do not need a fake, even at a lower price.Management monitors the network traffic of drugs from suppliers, so the risk to buy a fake reduced to zero.

second important factor that attracts the buyer, - the cost."Implosion" - a network of pharmacies that are working directly with manufacturers of drugs medications, keep a stable competitive prices.In addition to this, the client can use the storage card, which gives him the right to receive a discount of 5 to 10 percent, saving more.

And finally, another component of the popularity of "implosion" - a highly trained staff.The pharmacist will not make you wait a long time, going over in his mind, is there a pharmacy the medication - each employee thoroughly owns the information, thanks to regular training.

Customer Reviews

To evaluate the quality of a product or service, it is enough to listen to feedback from customers.Grateful customers - that is the best indicator that the company is really successful.The messages and comments left on various information resources, as one recommend a network of pharmacies "Implosion".And this estimate is worth it.After all, if you will be served poorly, you will want to share it with all, and the good is often taken for granted.

As evidenced by the numerous reviews, "Implosion" is worthy of trust.In this place you will be served very quickly, despite the large number of people who visit the pharmacy data network.Exhibition counters are always well lit, and they represented a wide range of medications with a comfortable price tag, which indicates the name of the drug and the cost.In addition, "Implosion" is even quite rare drugs.And in their presence, you can be sure after calling your nearest pharmacy.

Another plus - pharmacists who do not try to trick you by selling expensive imported vehicle.Calling the active ingredient of a medicament, you will hear a list of drugs containing it, and an explanation of what are the domestic and which - foreign.Only you can decide what treatment, if you do not have a prescription from a doctor.

«implosion" - a pharmacy, you can trust!