How to insulate the roof in a private house?

Since ancient times, in any structure is always appreciated two important aspects - the foundation and roof.If the foundation is the basis of longevity and strength of the structure, the roof is properly fitted is the key to dryness and heat in any private home.For roof covering always makes serious demands as constant contact with the aggressive environment required to use high-quality and reliable building material, which is strong and has good protection from UV rays and severe frost.In addition, today a lot of attention is paid to how to insulate the roof, since this depends directly on saving energy costs for heating homes.Quality roof allows to keep warm in the house, and significantly save on heating their homes.

So, first of all, you should know the basic design of the roof, because without it you can not get serious about how to insulate the roof.Its design, in most cases is a wooden rafters (with a thickness and width of approximately 5 and 15 cm, respectively), which strengthened the bottom of the base for cross joists overlap the top floor, and the top fixed to each other, thereby forming a triangle.At the top of the connection point of the rafters can be a carrier board that holds such triangles together and gives the whole construction of a stable and solid form.

tree traditionally used as the base of the roof, because, firstly, it is lighter than other building materials, and secondly, it retains heat well, which is an important aspect in creating a reliable protection against all types of precipitation.Professional builders on how to insulate the roof, it is recommended to use a high-quality and reliable polystyrene plates, which are not afraid moisture.The fact is that traditional low-heater for a long time considered to be mineral wool, which has the comfort and flexibility, so that it gets the widest dissemination.Today, however, new systems of quality insulation, which can not only effectively carry out all the necessary work, but also to provide reliable waterproofing your roof.On the question of how to insulate the roof, now play a leading role polystyrene plates, which have several advantages over mineral wool.

Firstly, polystyrene is not afraid of water, and it - it is waterproof, and even if it gets wet, it will just drain into the roof space, and a stove a few hours will be completely dry.

Secondly, polystyrene plates have a solid structure, so that there are no emissions of harmful particles of glass fiber, of which usually consists of mineral wool.

Third, work with polystyrene foam is much more convenient, because it is easy to cut with a knife, but set in space mezhstropilnoe simply by a snug fit to the supporting joists.

The question of how to insulate the roof, it is important to remember and a vapor barrier, since the use of soft fiberglass insulation they need to reliably protect against the ingress of vapor from the premises.The fact that people throughout his life exhale moist air that rises.If no vapor barrier film it penetrates the insulation, and by cooling it turns into droplets of water.As a result, the heat loss of the house increased by several times.That is why from the premises should be mandatory to lay a vapor retarding film quality.In addition, directly under the roof deck waterproofing material must be used, which will further protect the insulation from our accidental ingress of moisture.It is also quite an important point, under which your roof will not only be reliably insulated, and protected from moisture and.

Summarizing all the above, it is necessary to stress once again that the issue of how to insulate the roof of the house, you should carefully observe the entire process at the device roofing.Only in this way you will be sure that the heat loss of your home will be minimal.